Industrial Refrigeration 

ARF/IIAR The Founders Engineering Scholarship

The “Founders Scholarships” recognize the significant contributions of George Briley, Chuck Hansen, Don Niederer and Bill Richards to the ammonia refrigeration industry as the primary founders of the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration. 

The “Founders Scholarship” will be awarded each year to up to three (3) students exhibiting exceptional character and interest in pursuing an engineering or related technical degree leading to a career in the refrigeration field.

The Founder’s Scholarship is:

  • A two year award
  • Presented to rising Junior and continuing to Senior Year
  • Junior Year: $4000 per year plus $1000 if the recipient attends the IIAR Annual Conference  during the Spring Semester for a total of $5000
  • Senior Year: $4500 for the year
Of note: This incentive will also provide additional funds for registration, travel, lodging and meals associated with student attendance at the Conference)


Basic Qualifiers:
  1. Students must be pursuing a course emphasis in thermal and fluid science or related disciplines
  2. Attendance at a four-year accredited engineering college
  3. Completed 45 semester credit hours (or equivalent) or 60 quarter credits
  4. Minimum 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) towards an Engineering degree.

    May 28th - Application Deadline
    June 16th - Scholarship Awards Announcement 
    July 1st - Funds Available for Payment 


Each committee member will evaluate applicant responses in this section of the application, as if they were looking to hire the applicant for an internship or summer job and score from one (1) to four (4). Applicants will then receive a score based on the average of all committee members’ scores, with a maximum of four (4) points awarded for strength of responses.