IIAR’s international programs are managed and implemented by IIAR’s international staff and the volunteers serving on IIAR’s International Committee (IC) in accordance with the goals set by the Board of Directors.  The mission of the IC is to promote the safe and efficient use of Ammonia and other natural refrigerants through membership and participation in the IIAR, the distribution of IIAR Standards, Training materials and Safety publications directly or through alliances with refrigeration organizations globally. IIAR cooperates with allied associations throughout the world to promote the safe and efficient use of natural refrigerants in industry and commerce. 

Beginning in Latin America in 2009, IIAR has organized numerous Industrial Refrigeration Seminars, offering a smaller scale but similar experience to attending the Industrial Refrigeration Conference to members of local industries who cannot easily participate in IIAR’s main annual event.  Through the efforts of IIAR’s international staff, volunteers and cooperation international allies, IIAR is translating its materials into Spanish and other languages.

The most recent initiative to enhance IIAR’s impact in the global refrigeration industry is to set up and work with IIAR Chapters.  Each IIAR Chapter organizes regular meetings for the local refrigeration industry it represents, encourages participation in IIAR at the local level and collaborate with local government agencies and educational institutions to further the interests of natural refrigerant technologies.