Richard Worzel
Leading Forecaster and Futurist

IIAR 2017 Natural Refrigeration Conference & Heavy Equipment Expo
Keynote Speaker
Many corporate executives think of sustainability like they think of going to the dentist: as a painful, but perhaps necessary evil. Yet sustainability offers two benefits to early adopters that can be of great value, including to the bottom line. The first is that the need for sustainability is growing as public awareness of climate change, and their expectations of corporate and governmental action, are gaining moment. - R. Worzel

Richard Worzel is a futurist and a professional member of the World Future Society. He is known for helping corporations and industry associations plan intelligently for the future. Worzel challenges organizations to examine the future and plan for the dizzying changes to come. In his compelling presentations, Worzel equips groups with the ability to understand the changes they will face in the years ahead, and with the tools to leverage those changes. He is known for his captivating speeches, workshops & Seminars and Innovative sessions. His clients include Coca-Cola, Ford, IBM, Bell, The U.S. Navy Department of Medicine & Surgery, the National Research Council, the Clerk of the House of Commons of Canada, and many other. Worzel is a Chartered Financial Analyst and best-selling author of Who Owns Tomorrow? 7 Secrets for the Future of Business and a Canadian Native.