The Annual IIAR Industrial Refrigeration Conference & Exhibition is simply the best place for industrial refrigeration professionals to connect, collaborate and discuss the latest innovations and complex issues facing the industry today.  It is the best place to learn about the newest ideas, applications and techniques being utilized in the field. 

The 2016 IIAR Industrial Refrigeration Conference & Exhibition being held in Orlando, FL on March 20-23, 2016 offers an unrivaled opportunity for companies to showcase their latest products, services, innovations and technologies and for attendees to meet, network and learn from other industry professionals.

 Attendees:  In our busy, social media fueled world we often forget the importance of being in a live face-to-face setting with other professionals from our industry.  There is power in being connected to people who are active and engaged in your line of work.  Participating in industry conferences and meetings demonstrates an unparalleled commitment to your profession and professional relationships.  Networking opportunities, fresh new education programs and the ability to evaluate new vendors and suppliers are only some of the opportunities you will find at the only conference in the world dedicated exclusively to industrial refrigeration.  Click Here for More Information.

Exhibitors:  Exhibiting at the 2016 IIAR Industrial Refrigeration Conference & Exhibition will bring you in direct contact with an international audience of over 1400 conference attendees from all facets of the industrial refrigeration community. This is the premier event to display your products and services in front of the industry's top experts and key decision makers.  With a multitude of sponsorship opportunities, it is the best place to reach a wide variety of industrial refrigeration professionals.  Click Here to Learn More

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