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The OSHA Chemical NEP:  How to Minimize Your Risk
Safety Webinar:  Mechanical Integrity of Evaporator Coils
Daily Inspection:  Hydraulic Shock Prevention
Government Affairs: EO 13650 - Outlook for Regulatory Change
Daily Inspection:  Water Contamination in Refrigeration Systems  
Daily Inspection:  Pressure Vessel Replacement Considerations
The Emergence of CO2 Refrigeration

Daily Inspection:  Noncondensable Gases in Ammonia Refrigeration Systems
Evaporator Rating Methods and Impact on Room Temperature
Daily Inspection: Benefits of Deep Cleaning Evaporator Coils - This webinar is still being processed and will be available to view shortly.
Daily Inspection Webinar: Qualifying Ammonia Refrigeration Contractors
EPA Update to the RMP
Changes to Codes and Standards Affecting the Ammonia Refrigeration Industry
Glycol and Industrial Refrigeration
Daily Inspection: Employee Participation and Training for Ammonia Refrigeration Systems
Mechanical Integrity of Pumps
Daily Inspection: Process Safety Information for Ammonia Refrigeration Systems 
EPA outlines new and ongoing National Enforcement Initiatives (NEI)  - This webinar was not recorded.  Slides are available upon request.
Daily Inspection: Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) for Ammonia Refrigeration Systems
Code Compliance Alternatives- How to Present a Request for Approval of New or Creative Code Compliance Solutions
Daily Inspection: Operating Procedures for Ammonia Refrigeration Systems
Deconstructing Assumptions About Ammonia Refrigeration Piping
Daily Inspection:  Mechanical Integrity of Ammonia Refrigeration Systems
Mechanical Integrity for Evaporative Condensers 
Management of Change for Ammonia Refrigeration Systems  

IIAR is dedicated to the education and the advancement of our members.  As part of your member benefits, we are pleased to provide members with the opportunity to learn from industry experts through the Members-only Webinar Series. These monthly educational webinars are an opportunity for members to share their wisdom and a convenient way to immediately boost business know-how.  These webinars are developed specifically with IIAR members in mind. Contact David Sainato, IIAR Director of Education for suggestions on webinar topics david_sainato@iiar.org