2016 IIAR Exhibitor Listing
Our 2016 Conference is the perfect place for companies to showcase their groundbreaking products, services and much more. With new exhibitors added daily this event is an opportunity to network and build lasting relationships with businesses and other individuals in your industry who share the same interest in natural and industrial refrigeration. Below is list of our 2016 exhibiting companies. For more information on how you can be a part of our 2016 Exhibition click here.

2016 IIAR Floor Plan

A. Blasquez E. Refrigeracion Industrial S.A. de C.V. 
Booth #207 
A. Blasquez E. Refrigeracion (ABE) is the largest ammonia refrigeration contractor company in Latin America, specializing in refrigeration systems for breweries, beverages food and cold storage industries.  ABE - your refrigeration partner in Mexico.  

AAIM Controls 
Booth #205
From starters to drives to PLC systems and microprocessor designs, AAIM Controls has the expertise for all your industrial refrigeration requirements with over a century of combined industrial refrigeration controls experience.

Booth #801 
Acuren’s industry-leading mechanical integrity services for ammonia refrigeration systems include; Corrosion under Insulation Scanning (CUI), Computerized Radiography (CR), API Tank and Vessel Inspections, and our exclusive inspection data management systems, DMAPS.  

Advanced Energy Control
Booth #806
Advance Energy Control (AEC) is an automation controls company that specializes in the latest technology for industrial refrigeration control with an emphasis on energy management.

Airfoil Impellers     
Booth #316 
Cast Aluminum fan blades, machine room exhaust fans, product cooler fans, blast freeze fans, and general ventilation fans. 

Booth #508/510
Airgas Specialty Products offers anhydrous ammonia, pump-outs, field service, safety video, safety training, and Cold Flow Sampler (for determining water in ammonia).  

Alfa Laval
Booth #710
Alfa Laval manufactures energy-efficient semi-welded, gasketed, brazed and AlfaNova 100% stainless steel plate heat exchangers, as well as shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

Alfa Laval Kathabar

Booth # 708
Alfa Laval Kathabar delivers liquid desiccant dehumidification systems with precise, reliable, energy-efficient temperature and humidity control which have low refrigeration charge, eliminate defrost, and provide reliable dehumidification and air decontamination.  

Allied Powers LLC
Booth #421
Our products employ the latest in EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology. They are easy to use, compact and have a fully rechargeable lithium battery.

Analytical Technology, Inc
Booth #902
ATI designs and manufactures a complete line of ammonia gas detectors both fixed and portable and additionally gas detectors for 32 other toxic and combustible gases.

APR Plastic Fabrication
Booth # 416
APR Plastic Fabrication is leading manufacturer and distributor of custom designed and fabricated plastic tanks, liners, secondary containment systems, and process tanks for the metal finishing and waste treatment industries. 
Booth #406
APSM provides PSM software and services for effective compliance management.

APTech Group, Inc.
Booth #1018

APTech Group manufactures Solid-Concentrated Water Treatment used in commercial, institutional, and industrial systems to maintain equipment efficiency. APTech products provide this protection in a safer, more sustainable way than liquids.  

Armstrong International
Booth #903/905
Armstrong provides intelligent system solutions that improve utility performance, lower energy consumption, and reduce environmental emissions while providing an "enjoyable experience."

Booth #1016

ASTI forged strong ties with Industry, EPA, OSHA, DOT, DHS, TSA and many state and local environmental and emergency services leaders earning support for ASTI’s highly respected training classes, reaching thousands of emergency response personnel annually. 

Azane Inc.
Booth #321
Azane is a world-leading manufacturer of low charge ammonia cooling solutions. Their range of low charge ammonia packages are suitable for temperature controlled storage, process cooling and HVAC applications.

Bacharach, Inc.  
Booth #200
Fixed continuous monitors for the detection of gases including ammonia, CO, CO2, CFCs, HFCs, CH4 and more featuring multiple alarm, sensor and relay configurations. From one to 64 points, the units are ideal for chillers, walk-in freezers, public spaces, physical plants in commercial and industrial applications.  

*Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC)  
Booth #600/ 602
BAC is a worldwide manufacturer of heat transfer and ice thermal storage products. BAC’s products include evaporative condensers, cooling towers, closed circuit cooling towers, ice thermal storage systems and equipment controls.  

*Bassett Mechanical Inc.  
Booth #315/317
Bassett Mechanical provides expertise in industrial refrigeration, HVAC, piping/plumbing, PLC controls, ASME pressure vessels, sheet metal fabrication and customized service agreements. Bassett is your single supplier for Mechanical Contracting, Metal Fabricating, Maintenance Service and PSM requirements.

*Bitzer US, Inc.  
Booth # 401/403
BITZER is a leading manufacturer of Ammonia Screw Compressors and semi-hermetic reciprocating CO2 Compressors for both subcritical and trans critical applications.  BITZER also manufactures high efficiency, low charge Ammonia Compressor Packages at its Oakwood, Georgia factory.

Bonar Engineering and Construction
Booth #319
BONAR has provided refrigerated facility design and construction since 1975, varying from large 1.4M SF distribution facilities to smaller freezers, coolers, and process areas.  Including ammonia, C02 and freon refrigeration.

Cal-Therm Insulations
Booth #706
Cal-Therm Insulation is a full service mechanical insulation contractor based in Southern California. For the past 40 years our company has serviced clients in the Refrigeration Food and Beverage production, and Chemical segments. We continually strive to exceed the clients expectations while delivering optimum energy efficiency, and quality at a competitive price.

Calibration Technologies 
Booth #511
Calibration Technologies is a manufacturer of gas detection equipment, specializing in Ammonia. CTI’s engineers and technicians have over 30 years of experience in system design, sales and field service. Calibration Technologies provides detection for NH3, CO2, CO, H2S, H2, O2, CH4, R22 and more in a variety of industries including cold storage, food processing, sea vessels, chemical plants and many others.

California Controlled Atmosphere
Booth #819
We will have the all new Tattle relief vent indicator. This product aids in the determination of where a release has occurred.

CAMCO Lubricants 
Booth #715
Nationally known leader for our CAMCO 717 HT ammonia refrigeration oils and for all industrial refrigeration applications. CAMCO also has high quality food grade synthetic /semi -synthetic lubricants for all industry applications.

Carnot Refrigeration Inc.
Booth # 923
Pioneer in the development of CO2 refrigeration technologies, Carnot Refrigeration designs and manufactures innovative solutions based on environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.  

*Century Refrigeration 
Booth #306

Century Refrigeration is the leader in Comdustrial ™ Refrigeration Systems: The ideal balance of commercial and industrial refrigeration markets. We offer flexibility in design surrounded by durability in construction. 

Booth #420
Chem-Aqua is a full-service water treatment company specializing in cost effective water treatment programs for commercial, institutional and industrial facilities.

Booth #607
Chester-Jensen manufactures air agitated ice builders, instant chillers, plate heat exchangers and other heat transfer equipment. 

CIMCO Refrigeration Inc. 
Booth #514/ 516

CIMCO Refrigeration Inc. specializes in engineering, design, installation and service of industrial refrigeration systems. For over 100 years, CIMCO’s research and development have led the industry in technological breakthroughs.

*Colmac Coil Manufacturing, Inc. 
Booth #907/ 909/ 911
“Since 1971 Colmac Coil has provided customers worldwide with innovative heat exchangers and heat transfer solutions for industrial refrigeration, HVAC, power generation, and gas compression applications”.

Concepts and Designs, Inc. 
Booth #900
Concepts and Designs is a premier supplier of dehumidification systems for humidity and  condensation control. Dehumidification provides a permanent solution to avoid contamination hazards in compliance with the USDA zero tolerance.    

Cool Air Incorporated  
Booth #714

For over 35 years, Cool Air Incorporated has been manufacturing ammonia leak detectors and accessories.  Check out our new detector, the LBW-WATCHMAN, on our website @ www.coolairinc.com . Also, on our website, we have enhanced it to include such field support items as installation electrical schematics, operation & maintenance manuals, and calibration videos.


Cornell Pump Company
Booth #704
Cornell Pump presents the latest innovations in refrigerant pumps including their new high-pressure, low-speed 2.5 CBH. Cornell also manufactures high quality glycol and chiller pumps. 

Booth #922

CTS (Creative Thermal Solutions, Inc.) is a dynamic, world-leading company for technology development, prototype manufacturing and evaluation/testing.  CTS low charge ammonia cooling systems (like air cooled ammonia chillers with 18 g/kW or 2.3 oz/Ton) are in exploitation for over 15 years.

Cyrus Shank
Booth #716/718

The Cyrus Shank Company manufactures and sells industry-leading relief valves and other products for the refrigeration industry such as relief valves, shut-off valves, flanged valves, expansion valves, manifolds, brass valves, etc.  
Booth #821/823
Danfoss' complete line of refrigeration valves and electronic controllers includes assembled valve stations in one shared housing and weld-in motorized, solenoid and control valves designed to 754 psg.

Booth #805/807
Based in Indianapolis, Indiana - DEEM has over 1,200 employees in nine (9) states serving clients with industrial/commercial refrigeration requirements for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage and cold storage marketplace. Mechanical and electrical services are also part of our skill set along with design engineering and process piping.

*Delta Tee International, Inc. 
Booth #814

Delta Tee manufactures heat exchangers, pressure vessels and systems, complete capabilities in designing and manufacturing shell and tube heat exchangers for refrigeration, air conditioning, chem-process, food and other applications.

Draeger Safety Inc.
Booth #915
Draeger offers a full line of fire and gas detection equipment for the ammonia industry. The Draeger Sensor is the foundation for success in the ammonia industry market. With our new advanced product line, Draeger is ready for your gas detection needs.
DualTemp Companies, Inc. 
Booth #700
DualTemp in partnership with Clauger North America, designs, installs services and maintains your refrigeration & process air systems. Also specializing in parts equipment, safety training supplies and OSHA compliancy.
Dyplast Products, LLC 
Booth #302

Dyplast manufactures ISO-C1 polyiso rigid bunstock in Miami, FL for mechanical and refrigeration pipe insulation meeting ASTM C591-15 and CINI 2014 (cryogenic) applications.

Booth #918
EcoClear is a professional coil cleaning and energy saving company that specializes in cleaning chillers, cooling towers, and evaporators/condensers. EcoClear has serviced a wide variety of clients, helping them save up to 20% on their energy cost. As a final step in the clearing process, EcoClear applies a coating that ensures that equipment runs at a higher rate of efficiency between cleanings.

Booth #1004
eurammon is a joint initiative by leading global companies, institutions, and individuals committed to increasing the use of natural refrigeration. eurammon has an excellent global network of co-operation agreement with international associations.  
*EVAPCO, Inc. 
Booth #208/210
EVAPCO is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of industrial refrigeration systems and components. A broad line of AHRI certified air unit evaporators, evaporative condenser, critical process air systems, low charge packaged refrigeration systems, water treatment, pressure vessels, circulators, hydro-cooling coils and ice builders can ship from one of 17 facilities in 9 countries around the world. With an ongoing commitment to research and development, EVAPCO provides the most advanced products in the industry - Tomorrow’s Technology….Available Today!

Extol of Ohio Inc. 
Booth # 419

Extol offers closed-cellular insulation materials for refrigeration chilled water, steam and process systems. We fabricate and distribute extruded polystyrene (xps), polyisocyanurate, 25/50 polyisocyanurate, cellular glass, phenolic, perlite and mineral wool insulation for piping and equipment.  Contoured vessel/tank heads, valve system, fittings, PVC, aluminum, stainless steel, GRP, vapor and weather barrier caulks, sealants and coatings complete the project. Extol also provides specification assistance.

*Farley’s Frigeration
Booth #110/112
Farley’s S.R.P. Inc. — AKA / DBA Farley’s Frigeration: Family owned and operated, industrial refrigeration contractor/parts supplier. Our Mission: To support and provide the highest quality of parts, equipment and service while offering very competitive prices. All delivered efficiently by friendly, qualified personnel with "Farley's personal touch service guarantee” Providing “Getability” Since 1978 

Freije- RSC Engineered Solutions 
Booth #217

Freije Engineered Solutions, is an organization with 50 plus years of experience in the industry. RSC has been providing services in the industry 50 plus years, also. The combination of the two companies through a merger has dramatically strengthened and enhanced the services to the Food Process, Food Distribution and Pharmaceutical Industries. We offer key strengths to the industry for Refrigeration, Insulated Panels, HVAC, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, Engineering and Service. The result is a comprehensive offering of professional services to our clients. The merger of freije and RSC creates expanded capability and improves our ability to enhance delivery of products and services nationwide. 

*Frick Industrial Refrigeration
Booth #701

Full line of refrigerant equipment for most applications. Rotary Screw Compressor Packages and Packaged Chillers with VSD, Condensers, Evaporators, AcuAir Hygienic Air Handlers, Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Controls, and Replacement Parts.

Booth #917/919
FriconUSA specializes in manufacturing a variety of high quality and efficient equipment for industrial and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning. Our screw compressor package is ideal for industrial refrigeration

Fujian Snowman Co., Ltd. 
Booth #222 

Fujian Snowman Co.,Ltd. takes the first priority for the Ammonia refrigerant application,including the open type and semi-hermetic screw compressors.The rack and package unit extending from the traditional big scale to smaller one.

Gamma Graphics Services
Booth #722 
Gamma Graphics provides non-destructive testing (NDT) services on ammonia refrigeration piping. We are able to identify corrosion on wet or saturated insulation without having to cut holes or breach the vapor barrier on piping in any way. We also provide conventional ultrasonic inspection services on ammonia vessels.

*Garden City Community College 
Booth #407
Ammonia Refrigeration, Boiler, PSM/RMP, Adv RETA Prep, “Hand-On” Ammonia Refrigeration training since 1996, 4 ½ Day Format-Earn College Credit- Degree Opportunities Conforms to OSHA & EPA regulations. 

*Gartner Refrigeration
Booth #820
Gartner Refrigeration has been supplying solutions to the industrial refrigeration and process cooling industries for over 70 years. We provide parts, service, engineering, and installation across North America.

GCAP, LLC (Garden City Ammonia Program) 
Booth #522 
Garden City Ammonia Program is the world's largest industrial technical school involved in training over 2,000 operators, technicians, engineers, and managers yearly.  We have the largest hands-on labs in the industry.  GCAP specializes in industrial ammonia refrigeration, industrial CO2 refrigeration, steam boilers, and PSM/RMP compliance training and services.

Booth #515/517
Screw and piston compressors, refrigeration system controls, packages & process systems, chillers, freezing systems, ice systems. Parts, service, preventive & predictive maintenance, compressor rebuilds, and training.

Gf Piping System
Booth #104/106  
COOl-FIT ABS Plus is complete pre-industrial plastic piping system for glycol and secondary cooling piping systems. It is UV resistant, vapor-tight, and 100% water-tight and requires minimum installation time. 

Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA)
Booth #1006

The Global Cold Chain Expo, June 20-22 in Chicago, is the one-stop-shop for cold chain innovation, education and business-to-business networking for the global food industry–from producer to consumer. Learn more at www.globalcoldchainexpo.org.

Grundfos Pumps Corporation
Booth #318/320 
Pumping Solutions for today- Innovative thinking for tomorrow. Grundfos offers the industry’s broadest line of Refrigerant/CO2 Pump, Energy Efficient Pumps, Pumping Systems and Controls.

H.A. Phillips & Co
Booth #711 
Phillips manufactures liquid level controls, valves, Level Eye sight glasses, injectors, ASME pressure vessels, gas-powered and pumped recirculation systems, PHE chillers, the Anhydrator system cleaner and PUR air purger. Phillips is the distributor for Danfoss IR products for the US and Canada. 
*Hansen Technologies
Booth #501/ 503 
Hansen Technologies is a worldwide leader in components for industrial and large Commercial refrigeration Systems. Offering an extensive line of components for more information visit our website www.hantech.com

Hantemp Controls

Booth #202
Stainless Steel long-neck, two and three way ball valves with optional control motors and lock-out tag-out features. Also stainless steel level controls for ammonia and other liquids. 

Hench Control Energy Management Systems  
Booth #408 
Hench Control is a manufacturer and service provider of modular energy management systems for industrial refrigeration which quantifiably cut energy cost, improve profitability and significantly reduce the CO2 footprint for the environment.    

Henry Technologies 
Booth #507 
Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Chillers, Pressure Vessels & HVAC/ Refrigeration Components. HT Industrial takes pride in providing high quality HEX/PV to our global partners from our facilities in the USA and Canada. Customer Satisfaction, Quality Designs, Product Quality and On Time Deliveries are our primary goals. Let HT Industrial be a partner to your future success.

Hermetic Pumps
Booth #520

Hermetic has been dedicated to the development and production of hermetically sealed pumps.  Based on our experience in chemical, petrochemical and process industry we designed canned motor pumps specifically for refrigerant services.

Booth #405
Hillphoenix specializes in the design and manufacturing of halocarbon, carbon dioxide transcritical and secondary refrigeration systems for cold storage, industrial refrigeration, and ice rink applications. 

Honeywell Analytics
Booth #219 / 221
Honeywell Analytics manufactures the industry's most complete range of monitoring instrumentation for ammonia and other refrigerant gases. We offer fixed-installed units (Manning), portable services, controllers, services/support second to none.

Houghton Chemical
Booth #304
Houghton Chemical is a fourth generation inhibited glycol manufacturer and service company. Our products include: propylene (SAFE-T-THERM), ethylene (WINTREX), biobased, renewable, and aluminum-safe glycols. Our service is unmatchable.

*Howden Compressors, Inc.
Booth #601/ 603 
Howden Compressors offers the most complete range of screw compressors available in the world for virtually any compressor application-refrigeration to gas reliquification, gas compression or cryogenics, and more.

Industrial Construction & Engineering IC&E
Booth #423

IC&E is a national, full service mechanical insulation contractor and offers other services including: Industrial Wall and Roof installation, Scaffolding, Heat Trace, IMP Duct Work, painting & coating as well as pipe marking.

Industrial Consultants, LLC 
Booth #504 
Industrial Consultants - your compliance connection for OSHA and EPA related training and services including HAZMAT, refrigeration, PSM/RMP, lockout/tagout, confined space and incident command. 

Industrial Refrigeration Technical College 
Booth #916
Industrial Refrigeration Technical College (IRTC) has become the premier Ammonia and CO2 Industrial Refrigeration training facility. IRTC has a live state of the art hands on training lab that features VFD compressors, Quantum, G-Force micro’s, VFD condensers, VFD evaporators, hygienic air unit, liquid recirculation, thermo siphon oil cooling, plate chiller, falling film water chiller, auto purger, and PLC controls.

Industrial Service & Fabricators, Inc.
Booth #505
Industrial Service and Fabricators custom designs and fabricates pressure vessels, tanks, and liquid recirculator assemblies. Products include recirculators, receiver intercoolers, accumulators, surge drums an oil post. 

*Innovative Refrigeration Systems Inc. 
Booth #817 
Innovative Refrigeration Systems specialize in customized turnkey industrial refrigeration systems. We design and build computer-controlled ammonia refrigeration, large tonnage Freon systems and large CO2 systems for the cold storage and food process markets.   

Insul-Therm International, Inc. 
Booth #608
Insul-Therm International is a leader in the fabrication and distribution of insulation products for refrigeration and process systems. Our product offerings include TRYMER ™ , STYROFOAM ™ , SARAN ™ , foamglas, Mylar and many other lines. 

Integrated Circuit Systems, Inc. 
Booth #610

We design and build custom-made UL control panels and systems for new and existing industrial refrigeration facilities.  What sets us apart from the competition; our control systems work.  No Exceptions.

Booth #1020
Chilean Manufacturer of Heat Exchangers for more than 20 years for Industrial Refrigeration. Located in Santiago, Chile. Products of high quality for applications in high, media and low temperature.

Interstate Chemical Company Inc. 
Booth #720
INERSTATE Chemical Company is manufacturer of INERTCOOL industrial heat transfer fluids. We sell it nationally as INTERCOOL, inhabited ethylene glycol, propylene glycol and ethanol. We have a specialty product, BIOGREEN produced from corn sugar, and propylene glycol with no petroleum.

ISEL, Inc. 
Booth #509
Isel is a manufacturer of synthetic lubricants with an expertise in industrial refrigeration applications. When you become a distributor of Isel's NXT Refrigeration Lubricants, you receive the full backing of our customer support team and a powerful toolset to help you generate more sales, reduce operational costs and make the right lubricant recommendations.

Booth #107
ISN’s online contractor management database, ISNetworld, connects corporations with safe, reliable, contractors and suppliers from capital-intensive industries. ISN collects and verifies health and safety, procurement, insurance, quality and regulatory information from 60,000+ contractors and suppliers.     

*Isotherm, Inc. 
Booth #307 
Custom manufacturer of heat exchangers and pressure vessels with innovative design. We serve various industries, such as industrial ammonia refrigeration, food & beverage and chemical process. We hold ASME “U” and “R” stamps. 

ITW Insulation Systems 
Booth #506 
ITW Insulation Systems supplies TRYMER polyisocyanurate pipe insulation and XPS pipe insulation billets used in AR applications.  In addition, ITWIS supplies a metal jacketing products in both stainless and aluminum.

Jamison Door Company
Booth #101/103

HCR/Jamison Door will feature HCR Air Door Technology and BMP RollUp Door.

JAX Refrigeration, Inc.
Booth #707

JAX Refrigeration, Inc. provides Refrigeration Design, Engineering, and Construction for Refrigeration Systems alongside Divisions: JAX Mechanical - HVAC/Mechanical Systems; MEAS – Engineering & Design; JAXCamp Industrial – Food Process and Industrial Equipment; and JAXCool – Thermal/Panel Construction.

Kelly Refrigeration Service, LLC
Booth #717
Kelly Refrigeration Services, LLC. is a team of professionals dedicated to providing complete design/build services for all mechanical, refrigeration and food processing systems. Our specialization in industrial ammonia refrigeration systems prove our reputation as an experienced, dependable, and innovative company that has resulted in repeat business and loyalty from our clients on all types of projects.

Booth #803
K-FLEX USA is a leading manufacturer of elastomeric, closed cell insulation products that are easy-to-use and deliver reliable and lasting performances.

Kelvion, Inc
Booth #216

Kelvion Inc. formerly GEA, is a U.S. manufacturer of Plate and Frame, Brazed Plate and Falling Film Heat Exchangers designed to handle flow rates in excess of 8,000 GPM.  

Kuhlman Inc.
Booth #118

Kuhlman Inc. is a full service Industrial Refrigeration company since 1957.  Provide professional design/build, engineering, 24hr service, PSM & Safety compliance, controls, and parts support.  From start to completion of every project we aim to please customers every request.


Lanham Insulation, Inc. 
Booth #611
For more than 30 years, Lanham Insulation has provided unparalleled quality and reliability in mechanical insulation services. From inception, our expertise and pursuit of excellence have earned us the trust and confidence of our customers. The Lanham team of industry-leading insulation professionals focuses exclusively on the complete success of each project, to ensure the highest levels of safety, quality, and efficiency. Our fundamental mission is to deliver complete satisfaction with superior quality and value. 

Lanier Technical College
Booth #119

The Ammonia Refrigeration Program at Lanier College in Oakwood Georgia is dedicated to providing the ammonia refrigeration industry with the best, state-of-the-art, hands-on, live system training in ammonia refrigeration system operation, maintenance, and support.
LEWA-Nikkiso America, Inc. 
Booth #414 
Canned motor seal-less pumps for ammonia refrigeration. 

Logic Technologies, Inc. 
Booth #201 
Logic Technologies, the industry’s foremost leader in factory automation and computer controls, provides turnkey, state-of-art automation systems for ammonia formulization and production, and is setting the standard for today’s automation. 

Booth #415 
Logix Refrigeration Energy Management Systems provide energy-efficient operation of refrigeration equipment with documented savings up to 40%. No other refrigeration energy management system is easier to use or more capable.

M&M Refrigeration
Booth #322
With hundreds of refrigeration systems installed globally and over 50 CO2 Cascade Refrigeration Systems installed in North America alone, M&M Refrigeration is the most experienced choice for your refrigeration partner.  

Marking Services, Inc.
Booth #418
MSI is the premier resource for identification products and services offering durable NH3 systems labels, tags and signage. Our dedicated specialists deliver the best service and products in the industry.
*Mayekawa (MYCOM)  
Booth #808/810
The MYCOM TRUE Touch compressor control panel complements the industry leading efficiency of Mycom compressors and superior package design by offering features such as a user friendly touch screen interface, remote panel monitoring, and a USB interface.

MIRO Industries, Inc
Booth #100
MIRO Industries, Inc. provides solutions for supporting rooftop pipe, conduit, duct and walkway systems that prevent damage to the roof membrane.
*MRBraz & Associates
Booth #615
With over 50 years of experience in industrial refrigeration, MRBraz's engineering services provide customized solutions for our customers. Additionally, we offer HVAC ammonia critically charged chiller packages and construction management. 

Multi-Wing America
Booth #906 
High efficiency low-noise fan blades, diameter from 7 inches to 9 feet. 

North Star Ice Equipment Corporation
Booth #422

North Star Ice Equipment is a world leader in ice technology. We provide cooling solutions based on large volumes of high quality flake ice by designing and manufacturing a full range of reliable and durable ice equipment.

Olympic Engraving
Booth # 1000

Specializing in industrial identification solutions, Olympic Engraving provides innovative products to the ammonia refrigeration industry including pipe markers, signage, and valve tags. Exceptional customer service, superior quality, and excellent value is what our customers experience with every order. Give us a try and you will be a customer for life.

Omega Thermo Products
Booth #214
Heat exchangers/ evaporators, including falling film chillers, ice machines, cooling tables/ conveyor, cooling jackets, and specialized cooling/cryogenic equipment.

Owens Corning 
Booth #818 
You now have a choice for your XPS pipe insulation requirements - Owens Corning FOAMULAR type IV XPS Pipe Insulation.  Benefits include exceptional long-term thermal performance and moisture resistance, reduced material costs versus Type XIII XPS and long service life. All of this brought to you by the same trusted company you can count on for FOAMULAR cold floor applications.

*Parker Hannifin 
Booth #614/ 616
Parker's Refrigerating Specialty Division manufactures one of the most complete lines in industrial refrigeration; including state of the art flow control valves, safety relief, service and expansion valves and system solutions. 

Paul Mueller Company 
Booth #410
Paul Mueller will feature their falling film chiller, semi-welded plate and frame heat exchanger, brazed plate heat exchanger and heat recovery equipment. 

Paulsen Pipe
Booth #921

Paulsen Pipe is a leading stocking distributor for capped and clean Low Temperature A333gr6 Pipe,WPL6 fittings and LF2 fittings and flanges along with A106b smls and A53b erw pipe from 1/8”-36”.


PermaTherm, Inc. 
Booth #723 
PermaTherm is a premier manufacturer of pipe insulation, serving the ammonia refrigeration and cold chain industry for over 20 years. As a leading design manufacturer and supplier of rigid pipe insulation, PermaTherm has developed a complete pipe insulation system for the ammonia refrigeration industry with millions of linear feet of trouble-free pipe installed throughout the country. The PermaTherm pipe insulation system provides superior thermal performance and environmental attributes, while yielding tremendous savings at every phase of your project!  

Petrochem Insulation, Inc
Booth #109
Petrochem is a single source specialty contractor, providing mechanical insulation, metal structures, scaffolding, fireproofing, painting & coatings, heat tracing and lead and asbestos abatement services nationwide from eleven regional offices. We’re a certified MBE company. 
Phoenix Air Systems
Booth #904
Manufacturers of hygienic critical food grade industrial and commercial HVACR and process air handling and ammonia refrigeration systems. Specialist in hygienic air units, we have a quick ship system (typically 10-13 week lead time).

Polyguard Products
Booth #115/117

RG2400 TM Corrosion Gel ZeroPerm TM, Vapor Barrier, AlumaGuard TM, Weather Barrier, ZeroPerm TM Ultra Vapor and Weather Barrier Membrane, RG2400 TM CSA Structural Steel Corrosion Protection.  

Premium Inspection and Testing, Inc.
Booth #223

Premium's mechanical integrity services for ammonia refrigeration systems include; Corrosion under Insulation Scanning (CUI), Computerized Radiography (CR), API Tank and Vessel Inspection, 2D and 3D drawings with data analysis and retirement dates included.

Process Compliance (Protexus Inc.)
Booth #420

Process Compliance specializes in Compliance Solutions for the Ammonia Refrigeration Industry. Five-year and Annual Mechanical Integrity Inspections, Compliance Audits, PHA, RMP, Training NDT, and Total Compliance Solutions.
Professional Rebuild and Optimal Services, LLC
Booth #123

The PROS Company is a full-service machine shop that has the equipment, experience and expertise to rebuild any brand, make or model of rotary screw, compressor, air end, blower, vacuum pump, rotary vane compressor, or gearbox. We are committed to the remanufacturing of each unit to the specific customer's needs in the natural gas industrial air or refrigeration industries.

Prüftechnik Inc.
Booth #920
PRUFTECHNIK focuses on the development, production and service of high-tech systems that provide solutions for Shaft Alignment, Conditions Monitoring and Non Destructive testing in the areas of Industrial maintenance.

PSRG, Inc.
Booth #121
PSRG is a full service, integrated HSSE consulting and training firm, specializing in process safety and risk management for ammonia refrigeration (PHA/LOPA, B109, relief system, SOPs, everything PSM/RMP).

Booth #417

QuoteSoft BIM and Estimating software is designed for refrigeration, contractors to automate the preconstruction process. Our Cloud enabled solutions are the fastest way to produce precise accurate data.
(800)-813 7020 www.quotesoft.com

R.E. Lewis Refrigeration Inc.
Booth 1010

RE Lewis' mission: Earn long-term relationships built on trust by delivering construction services with reliability and integrity. Our goal is simple – improve financial and strategic outcomes for our clients.

Booth #500/502

Regal is a leading manufacturer of electric motors, mechanical and electrical motion controls and power generation products. For 30+ years, its leesport, PA facility (formerly RAM Motors) has served the refrigeration industry with purpose built designs.

*Republic Refrigeration Inc.
Booth # 301

Industrial refrigeration system design, modular packaged refrigeration systems, equipment skids, Process Safety Management and Risk Management Services, pipe installation, refrigeration controls, control and power wiring, parts, service quality, integrity, and performance. We do it right the first time!

*Refrigeration Valves and Systems Corp. (RVS)
Booth #206
RVS is a preferred supplier of innovative industrial refrigeration products including factory assembled, packaged recirculation systems and ASME pressure vessels of all types and sizes. RVS, a subsidiary of EVAPCO, is committed to providing superior technical support and the highest quality products with fast, on-time shipment to meet your construction schedule.

Booth #1008
RETA exists to embrace the professional development of industrial refrigeration system operators and technicians through training and education events focused on safe and efficient operations. 

Schneider Electric
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Schneider Electric is the Global leader in providing energy saving solutions including solid state starters and variable speed drives meeting all the motor control requirements of the Ammonia Refrigeration market.

SCS Tracer Environmental
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Environmental engineering and consulting services focusing on PSM & RMP compliance for ammonia refrigerated facilities. Services include PSM & RMP development, Compliance Audits, MI Inspections, Operator Training, and overall consulting.

SGS Refrigeration, Inc.
Booth # 619/621
Complete line of Krack Industrial Evaporators and cube Evaporative Condensers in partnership with SPX/Marley in forced and induced drafts models. For ALL your airside product needs. Proudly made in the USA.

*Shambaugh & Son L.P.
Booth #702

Shambaugh's Design-Build Refrigeration Division provides Low Temperature Ammonia Reefirgeration systems. Fluid Process, Storgae Systems, Preventative Maintenance and Emergency Ammonia Refrigeration Service and Spare Parts sales to clients throughout the U.S.

Sinteco Americana Inc.
Booth #623

Sinteco manufactures special air handling installation for food industry processes. Sinteco Hygiene AHUs -stainless steel or polyester, Textile air distribution ducts Aetrex and s.s. AERMET, and clean rooms special product and design.

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Stellar is a fully integrated design, engineering, construction and mechanical services firm that provides a comprehensive range of self-performed services. Stellar creates food processing plants, refrigerated warehouses, and distribution centers.

Summit Industrial Products
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Summit Industrial Products is a manufacturer of synthetic lubricants which include several ammonia refrigeration and food grade lubricants. Our ammonia refrigeration and food grade lubricant are NSF H1 certified. Summit also manufactures descalers/degreasers and oil/water separators.

Summit Refrigeration Group
Booth #105 

Summit Refrigeration Group is a full service, customer oriented, designed/build industrial refrigeration contracting company specializing in food processing plants, multi-temperature distribution centers, and specialized process cooling. Services include complete refrigeration design and installation, screw compressor rebuilding, shop fabrication, parts sales, customized preventive maintenance programs, 24 hour emergency service and OSHA PSM compliance for customers nationwide. 
Tanner Industries Inc.
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Full service anhydrous ammonia distributor for ammonia refrigeration. Acknowledged for product quality and service dating back to 1890. Storage tanks pump-out services and safety training. Member NACD.

Teikoku USA Inc.
Booth #901

Teikoku is the world's largest manufacturer of seal-less, canned motor pumps to the refrigeration industry. Our highly reliable and easy to maintain pumps are perfect for pumping ammonia.

Texoma Industrial Insulation Inc.
Booth #1014

Refrigeration Insulation Specialists since 1992. Texoma Industrial has a professional management team and experienced field supervisors that are dedicated to providing Exceptional service.

TGB Insulation LLC
 Booth #203

We are a Mechanical Insulation contractor that specializes in commercial and industrial insulation with a strong background in industrial refrigeration.

Th Witt
Booth # 204
A family owned company dedicated to industrial refrigeration since 1896. We offer refrigeration contractors the reliable partnership with system solutions using high quality components such as refrigeration pumps (with couple hermetic canned motor) high side float regulators and automatic oil return systems. For the European market we also produce entire pressure vessel units. Our components are produced in Aachen, Germany and exported all over the world.  

Therma Seal Duct Systems 
Booth #218
Refrigeration Duct work. 

Therma-Stor, LLC 
Booth # 721

Therma-Stor manufactures heat reclaim (desuperheating) water heaters that harness waste heat from refrigeration systems and use it to heat potable water.  Units contain an integrated heat exchanger and storage tank.

Thermofin GmbH
Booth #617
thermofin produces finned heat exchangers for an application in refrigeration and air conditioning industry in commercial and industrial projects that fit for all kinds of refrigerants (HFC, NH3, CO2, glycol etc.).

Total Safety Control
Booth #1022
Don’t forget about us for your Safety Products, Mechanical Integrity Testing/Infrared Scanning and Emergency Response Planning.

Booth #1002

Unada EC motors and fans. Unada has developed a tool set for refrigeration design and field engineers that enables development of fans and motors that are truly fit for purpose. Speeding up the design process, improving quality, and enabling better products. Better products through collaborative design.

Booth #518
As the investors of Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger (PSHE) technology, with an installed base of >40,000 exchangers, Vahterus PSHE have many benefits for advanced refrigeration applications.

*Vilter Manufacturing Inc. 
Booth  #309/311

Vilter manufactures energy efficient and reliable compressors for use with multiple refrigerants including CO2.  The Vilter compressor's low life-cycle cost and high reliability are backed by the industry's best warranties.

Vogt Ice LLC
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For over 75 years Vogt Ice LLC has been your trusted Ice and Chilled Water authority. Visit us today at our booth or our website, vogtice.com.

Wagner-Meinert, LLC
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Wagner-Meinert, LLC is committed to exceeding expectations by providing complete customer satisfaction through uncompromised integrity and excellence in engineering, installation, services and training in refrigeration, food process and mechanical integrity.

Warrender, Ltd.
Booth #709

Warrender, Ltd. specializes in seal-less magnetic pump technology, seal-less high head, low NPSH transfer pumps meet zero emissions compliance, while offering any U.S. or International industrial motor specification.

WEG Electric Corp.
Booth #604/606

WEG Electric Corp. is a leading global supplier of motors, drives, controls, generators, and transformers with a focus on quality, technology, R&D, performance, and customer service.

Westermeyer Industries Inc.
Booth #609

Manufactures components for the industrial and commercial refrigeration industry. Supplying products such as: Oil Separators, Accumulators, receivers, oil pots, Shell and tube heat exchangers, and level detection devices.

Booth# 323
Modular axial fans

Zero Zone, Inc.
Booth #300

Zero Zone designs and manufactures custom engineered halocarbon, CO2, and low charge ammonia refrigeration systems for cold storage / distribution, ice rinks, pharmaceutical, food processing, and other industrial applications.

Zhejiang Wanxiang Technology Corp.
Booth #822

WXR specializes in designing and manufacturing evaporative condensers (both coil and plate), closed circuit cooling tower, evaporator, frequency converter and other types of refrigeration equipment.

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