2018 IIAR Technical Program
The IIAR Technical Program is the core of the IIAR Natural Refrigeration Conference & Expo. Our peer reviewed Technical Paper Presentations, International Paper Presentations, Panels & Workshops explore technical or regulatory topics specific to the industrial and commercial natural refrigeration community.
2018 Technical Paper Presentation Topics
- Air As a Refrigerant
- The Impact of Air Treatment on Food Safety
- Large Scale Flammability and Explosivity Testing of Ammonia Impact on Sitting Studies and Risk Assessments
- Case Study: Grocery Store in Southeast U.S.
- Best Practices in Managing and OSHA NEP Inspection
- Employee Engagement as an Indicator of PSM Program Success or Failure
- Emergency Response in an Ammonia Facility
- Application of Bow Tie Diagrams to Understanding Threats and Barriers in Industrial Refrigeration
- Ammonia Defrost Systems
- Theoretical Examination of the Optimal Refrigeration Floor Design for Ice Rinks
- Facts and Myths in Choosing Construction Material for Evaporative Condensers
- Stainless Steel Piping in Ammonia Refrigeration Systems
2018 IIAR Workshop Topics
- Updated Machinery Room Ventilation Calculation Tool
- Ammonia Scrubbing with CO2
- Re-Evaluating Lubricants Selection and Testing at Low Temperatures
-What are CalARP Program 4 & Cal OSHA 5189.1, and Why Should I Care?
- Use of Water as a Refrigerant
- World Guide to Low Charge Ammonia  
2018 IIAR Panels
- Regulatory, Compliance Code and Insurance Update
- Advancing Small Charge Systems through Codes and Regulations
- Research Panels