IIAR Conference App

The IIAR conference app is a one stop shop for all the conference information you need.

  • Download the IIAR App
  • Sign in with your IIAR Username and Password
  • Update your profile by adding a profile pic
  • Click on edit and update your privacy settings
  • Click on upcoming events
  • Click on the 2022 IIAR Natural Refrigeration Conference & Expo Event
  • Connect with other Conference Attendees - other attendees have to be signed in for Connect to be enabled.
  • Find general conference information
  • Download Technical Papers
  • Review sessions descriptions and locations
  • Use the QR scanner to redeem PDH credits
If you have any questions on how to sign on to the conference app, please email IIAR at info@iiar.org

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Download the IIAR Conference App for free through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store or scan the QR Code above.