Certified Refrigeration Service Technician (CRST) Review Course

RETA truly appreciates the opportunity to present a Certified Refrigeration Service Technician (CRST) review course and testing at the IIAR annual conference. CRST is designed for technicians and support personnel who troubleshoot and maintain industrial refrigeration plants and facilities. The credential addresses topics from advanced levels of plant safety and operations through the basics of ammonia refrigeration compliance and PSM requirements. Exam candidates are tested for knowledge of natural refrigerant safety, regulatory requirements, and practical application of analytical skills in problem solving, efficient operation, and troubleshooting. The Three Day CRST Review course will help prepare one for the examination testing that will available after the review course.

The exam addresses sixteen areas of refrigeration system operation ranging from safety, compliance, through components of a system and the power/control systems involved.  There are 150 questions in the test.  The three-day course attendees receive RETA Industrial Refrigeration Course III (Maintenance & Related Items), RETA Ammonia Refrigeration Compliance Guidelines, and RETA CO2 Study Guide.  In addition, the CRST Supplement Package is used as a practical preparation tool along with other support materials.  Students receive the three RETA Coursebooks and a complimentary registration to the CRST electronic practice exam when they register for the test.  

Onsite testing is available for an additional fee. Full information on the exam requirements can be found at:  https://reta.com/page/crst  

IIAR members in good standing receive RETA member pricing for the CRST 3-day review training and for the Monday exam. RETA members in good standing that register for the RETA CRST review training class will receive IIAR Conference registration at IIAR member pricing.

The review course is led by Don Tragethon, CIRO – RAI.  Don has 38 years of experience in operation, design, regulatory relationship building, and ammonia first responder training.  He is a past-president of RETA (2001) and was the RETA Executive Director from 2004 through 2013.

Register for the RETA CRST Review Course

Certification Exam Opportunity

Where: IIAR Conference In Orlando, Florida

A certification testing center will be available on Monday, March 25, 2024 at the Rosen Conference Center.  The testing center will offer the full suite of RETA certification exam choices, in addition to the CRST Examination. The center capacity is two 10-person cohorts, one cohort in the morning, the second after lunch.  Visit the RETA website for the menus to register and pay for your particular certification exam.  Contact Samantha Ibarra – RETA Certification Manager ([email protected]) – for information related to this special place and time.  IIAR members can take the exam at RETA member pricing at the IIAR annual conference.

NOTE: Anyone who is not an IIAR member but signs up for either the CRST review (Fri – Sun) or any RETA testing on Monday receives the IIAR member rate for IIAR conference registration.