2023 IIAR Conference Sponsorship Opportunities

Check out the many exciting opportunities to reach customers during our Annual IIAR Conference and Expo!  Our sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Print materials
  • Tech Offerings
  • Merchandise
  • Other
  • Signage

And… Non Sponsorship Advertising Opportunities 

Monday Night Event Station – 2 of 4 available @ $15,500 EACH 

Sponsored: Evapco (1 of 4) | M&M Carnot (2 of 4)
Be a part of the flagship event at IIAR’s annual conference and sponsor a popular food truck station at the Monday Night reception. *Benefits – Event signage recognition, ability to distribute your own branded item at your station (subject to approval by IIAR team) 
The Cove IIAR Monday Night Event

Food and Beverage

Coffee Breaks

Increase your visibility and brand awareness while attendees relax between sessions. *Benefits - Event signage recognition 

  • Sunday  @ $6,100   SOLD - Isotherm
    Committee Meeting Rooms
  • Monday @ $6,100 Each 
    Morning   SOLD - Parker Hannifin
  • Tuesday @ $6,100 Each 
    Morning  SOLD - CIMCO Refrigeration 
  • Wednesday @ $6,100 
    Morning  SOLD - Airgas Specialty Products

Continental Breakfast

Make the first daily impression on conference attendees as the sponsor of a continental breakfast.  *Benefits - Event signage recognition 

  • Monday Outside General Session @ $8,100 SOLD - Mayekawa U.S.A., Inc. 
  • Tuesday Inside Exhibit Hall @ $8,100  SOLD - Delta Tee
  • Wednesday Inside Exhibit Hall @  $8,100  SOLD - Bitzer

Lunch on the Exhibit Hall  

Welcome all the conference attendees to the show with Lunch on the exhibit hall floor.   *Benefits - Event signage recognition 

  • Monday Afternoon - Exclusive Sponsor  @ $10,500  
  • Tuesday Afternoon - Exclusive Sponsor @ $10,500  

First Timer's Reception - Sunday Night - SOLD
Sponsored: Shambaugh and Son
Exclusive Sponsor  @ $6,100
Be the first to roll out the red carpet and make a positive first impression on the newest members of IIAR! Directly precedes the Chairman's Reception. *Benefits - Event signage recognition

Chairman's Reception - Sunday Night
Exclusive Sponsor  @ $15,500
The Chairman's Reception is the official opening of the annual IIAR conference.  This event includes hors d'oeurves and beverages. *Benefits - Event signage recognition

Print Materials 

Comprehensive Conference Guide @ $9,000  - SOLD
Sponsored: Heatcraft
Distributed in every bag at the conference, this print piece includes the entire conference program. 
*Benefits - Sponsor logo printed on front of program

Tech Offerings

Conference App  @ $12,000 Exclusive Sponsor  - SOLD!
Sponsored: JCI/Frick
Your logo will run as a banner ad throughout the conference app.  The conference app contains information on technical sessions, events, maps, and more.  *Benefit - Scrolling banner ad throughout the app 

E-Check In Registration Stations - $6,500 Exclusive Sponsor  SOLD!
Sponsored: RE Lewis
Display your brand proudly via the new IIAR Check-in Registration stations.  Your logo will be visible to every person who checks-in at the IIAR conference to receive their badge.  *Benefit - Corporate logo prominently displayed in the e-check in stations 

Conference WIFI - $10,000 Exclusive Sponsor -   SOLD!
Sponsored: MRBRAZ & Associates
Your brand stands out in high-tech fashion.  Incorporated into Wi-Fi landing page, your logo will be seen by everyone logging on to the system.  Wi-Fi will be available to all exhibitors and conference attendees. *Benefits - Corporate logo in landing page 

Charging Station @ $10,000  
5 Locations - Help attendees relax and power up at one of the centrally located charging stations. *Benefits - Corporate logo printed on charging station banner


Meeting Registration Bags @ $16,000 - SOLD!
Sponsored: Innovative Refrigeration Systems 
Durable canvas bags that are given to each registered attendee and spouse.  Carried throughout the conference.  *Benefits - Sponsor logo printed on bag

Meeting Badge Lanyards @ $13,500 - SOLD! 
Sponsored: CTI
Meeting attendees will wear your logo throughout the duration of the conference.  Badges are necessary to enter all of the functions for the entire event. *Benefits - Corporate logo printed on lanyard

Hotel Room Keys @ $9,000 - SOLD!
Sponsored: Danfoss
Key cards are distributed to all Conference attendees staying at the headquarter hotel. Don’t miss a chance to remind attendees of your brand every time they enter their room. 
Benefits - Sponsor logo printed on attendee room keys

Luggage Tags @ $8,500
One of the most useful takeaways from the conference. Branded with your logo and information on the next IIAR conference. *Benefits - Sponsor logo printed on Luggage tags.

Meeting Note Pads @ $12,500
Custom printed note pads distributed in attendee meeting bags. Benefits - Corporate logo printed on each page

ECO Water Bottles @ $9,000 - SOLD!
Sponsored: Güntner
Your sponsored water bottle will come in handy to help quench attendee’s thirst and will be taken home for them to use again and again. Distributed to each conference attendee in the meeting bags. 
Benefits - Corporate logo printed on water bottle

Baseball Cap @ $9,000 SOLD!
Sponsored: Lanier Tech
Add your promotional brand to this unique item.  Distributed in each attendee bag, these popular fashion accessories. 
Benefits - Corporate logo printed on cap

Hand Sanitizer @ $5,500 - SOLD!
Sponsored: Cyrus Shank
Hand Sanitizer has become a staple at all meeting events.  Distributed in each attendee bag, these popular items help keep you healthy and happy through 4 days of networking and hand shaking. 
Benefits - Corporate logo printed on bottle

Chapstick @ $5,500 - SOLD!
Sponsored: GEA
Distributed in each attendee bag, these popular items will help keep attendees fresh and happy.
*Benefits - Corporate logo printed on chap stick tube. 

Bag Insert – 3 of 4 available @ $9,000 Each
Sponsored: Colmac Coil (1 of 4)
Receive the attention of our attendees by placing one of your company's promotional items in the official bag distributed at check-in.  The bag insert will need to be previously approved by IIAR. Benefits – Distribution of the branded item of your choice in all conference bags.


Conference Bookstore/Knowledge Center - Exclusive Sponsor @ $6,100  SOLD
Sponsored: Gamma Graphics Services 
The IIAR Bookstore is visited by most attendees to the show.  It provides high visibility for your logo the exhibit hall.  *Benefits - Corporate logo on bookstore banner and conference publication catalogs

Raffle Ticket Opportunity
2 planned raffles - 1 for Monday and one for Tuesday.  Help promote traffic to the exhibit hall with a giveaway of your Company choosing! (subject to IIAR approval). IIAR will distribute tickets inside the event bag to all registrants to submit to your booth.  At the end of each day, we will announce the winner of the loudspeaker and they will pick up the prize at your booth.  
1-day Exclusive Sponsor, Monday or Tuesday  @ $4,000 EACH - BOTH SOLD
Sponsored: Baltimore Air Coil (Monday) | Bassett Mechanical (Tuesday)

*Benefits - Branding on prize, branding on raffle tickets along with special promotional pieces which include push notifications and newsletter reminders.

Keynote Speaker - Exclusive Sponsor @ $6,100 - SOLD
Sponsored: Emerson Vilter 
Drop your company's marketing and promotional flyer on every seat of the General session. *Benefits - Ability to drop your own promotional material and introduce Keynote speaker to audience at the IIAR business meeting - give a short speech about your organization

Education Program @ $7,500 
Vessel Design, Analysis, and Inspection
Promote your brand to industry professionals while attendees learn about how to maintain and operate safe secondary systems. *Benefits- Event signage, introduction at event and branding on all handouts

Escalators - Exclusive Sponsor @ $8,500 SOLD
Sponsored: APSM
Display your brand on the side of the escalators leading to the Exhibit Hall. *Benefit: Logo branding recognition in a highly trafficked area.

Exhibit Hall Entrance - Exclusive Sponsor @ $10,000 SOLD
Sponsored: Stellar
Banners at the top of the escalators leading to the Exhibit Hall. *Benefit: Logo branding recognition in a highly trafficked area.

Thank You To Our 2023 Sponsors

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There are lots of branding opportunities at the Long Beach Convention Center! 

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