IIAR Conference Attendee List and Hotel Scam Warnings

Attendee List Scam: The IIAR, as a rule, does not sell or distribute our conference attendee list to third party vendors.  Our membership list has never been distributed outside of IIAR. 

Fraudulent companies with no authorization from IIAR are attempting to sell conference attendee lists and conference block hotel rooms on behalf of our association.  Please do not purchase lists or hotel rooms from these individuals.  The best action to take is to not respond and mark them as spam. If you receive an email from someone not already indicated on the lists below, please forward the email to [email protected] or submit the information via the online form below. We do our best to keep our eye on these offenders.  We send them cease and desist requests and then report them to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  We also send out information educating our exhibitors and members on proper handling of these requests.

  • Exhibitor List for Official Vendors: IIAR's Exhibiting companies’ primary contact information is given to our official conference vendor and the current year event venue for ordering purposes for their booth materials – these vendors do not release this information elsewhere, nor do we post exhibitor email contact info on our website.
  • Attendee Mailing List for Exhibitors: Conference exhibitors are provided an IIAR attendee list, but this only contains physical mailing addresses and email address - phone information is never provided. 
  • Exhibitor Lead Retrieval “Badge Scanners” at the Conference: Exhibitors at the conference may purchase badge scanning lead retrieval units, which do collect entire contact information (including phone & email address) for those attendees who verbally consent to having their badge scanned at an exhibitor’s booth.

Known Direct Call Scam Companies

  • Global Expo

Hotel Scams:
Please do not make any reservations through any unknown housing or travel company. Any phone calls soliciting you regarding your hotel reservation is not authorized by IIAR and IIAR cannot help you if you book rooms through these groups. Reservations made by these unaffiliated groups may appear to be for lower rates, however they may be illegitimate, have unreasonable cancellation or change penalties, or be completely non-refundable.
Please let IIAR know if you have experience any fraudulent calls or emails.  We will report them to the FCC immediately.