Section 1. Membership Eligibility. Membership may be granted to any individual, partnership, corporation, or organization that: (i) is interested in and agrees to support the purposes and activities of the Institute; (ii) agrees to abide by these Bylaws and such other canons, rules and regulations as the Institute may adopt; and (iii) meets the additional criteria established for each category of membership in the Institute as follows:

(a) Regular Member. Membership may be granted to any corporation or partnership which is a Contractor, End User, Engineer, Wholesaler, Manufacturer, or Manufacturer's Representative in the ammonia refrigeration industry.
(b) Associate Member. Membership may be granted to any employee of an existing Regular Member who is not the official representative of a Regular Member or to any additional plant location of a Regular Member that is not a Related Company under Article III, Section 5.
(c) Affiliate Member. Membership may be granted to any other person or organization interested in the ammonia refrigeration industry.
(d) At-large Member. Membership may be granted to any retired person who was but is no longer gainfully employed in the ammonia refrigeration industry on a full time basis.
(e) Academic Member. Membership may be granted to any instructor, professor, or researcher interested in ammonia refrigeration.
(f) Student Member. Membership may be granted to any student enrolled in refrigeration courses, seeking knowledge and information on ammonia refrigeration. Student Members must provide proof of current enrollment in an accredited institution (name of institution and either student ID or copy of a transcript).

All individuals and entities granted membership in the Institute shall be referred to herein collectively as "Members" or the "Membership."

Section 2. Application for Membership. Requests for membership shall be made by submitting a written membership application to the President which shall be subject to approval under criteria and procedures established by the Board of Directors.

Section 3. Representation. Each Regular Member shall designate an individual to act as its official representative in the Institute. Regular Members may from time to time designate other persons to take part in discussions and meetings of the Institute but in no event shall any Regular Member be entitled to more than one (1) vote.

Section 4. Voting. On all matters coming before the Membership, each Regular Member shall be entitled to one vote. No other class of Members shall be entitled to vote.

Section 5. Related Companies. Autonomous divisions and/or subsidiaries of Regular Members may apply separately for full active membership. However, no more than two (2) representatives from related companies may serve on the Board of Directors at any one time. If Regular Members become merged, acquired, or otherwise consolidated with another Regular Member, and continue to operate under distinguishing business names and/or retain their public identities through advertising, marketing and/or exhibiting, they shall hold separate Regular Memberships.

Section 6. Resignation. Any Member may resign from the Institute upon written notice to the President; provided, however, that such Member shall be obligated to pay all dues, assessments, and any other indebtedness to the Institute for the fiscal year in which it terminates.

Section 7. Termination. Any Member may be suspended or expelled, for cause, by two-thirds vote of the entire Board of Directors; provided that the Member shall have been furnished a full statement of the charges against such Member and shall have been afforded adequate opportunity for a hearing thereon. Cause for suspension or expulsion shall include, without limitation, the following: (i) violation of any Bylaw of the Institute or of any action lawfully taken thereunder; (ii) violation of any code of trade practice or fair competition subscribed to by the Institute and not in contravention of the rules and regulations of any duly authorized governmental agency; or (iii) conduct prejudicial to the best interests of the Institute, the industry, or the public. In addition, any Member who becomes ineligible or who shall be ninety (90) days in default in the payment of any dues or charges shall be terminated automatically. In special circumstances, such termination may be delayed by the Board of Directors.


The initial and annual dues for Members of the Institute, the time for paying such dues, and other assessments, if any, shall be determined from time to time by the Board of Directors.