IIAR Energy Sustainability Committee

"We hear about the effects of Climate Change on nearly daily basis, whether it is widespread wildfires, or 100-year storms occurring every few years, or shore lined communities slowing being washed away from rising sea levels. Our minds swirl with awe on the task ahead of us to just limit the global temperature rise to 1.5°C. Doubt creeps in as we look at it as individuals, but we are not one, we are many. 

What is the natural refrigeration community’s role in helping to create a better world for tomorrow? How can we shape our decisions today so the next generation and the generation after that can pick up where we left off and carry the torch forward?

That is what the Energy Sustainability Committee’s task is to me, to start building the foundation for tomorrow. I am Aer Teale, P.E., CRST, Director of Engineering at Lineage Logistics leading the Energy Conservation and Efficiency Team. I’ve been in the natural refrigeration industry since 2008 and have experiences as a contractor, end-user, and manufacturer. 

The three focus areas that we will be working on are:
Energy Conservation
Energy Efficiency
Alternative Energy

The Energy Sustainability Committee will be encompassing of not only the technical aspects but also the human factors, social responsibility, and regulatory. In other words, we will need a large swath of skills and expertise as we lay the foundation for tomorrow.”

Aloha and awesomeness,

Aer Teale, P.E., CRST
IIAR Energy Sustainability Chair
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