Dear Fellow IIAR Members,

It has been a wild week! As were many of you, I was anticipating getting to participate in all of the great technical, commercial, and social activities we have come to expect from our annual conference and expo. Unfortunately events conspired against us and so now we must creatively carry on with the important business of our organization.

One of the important things we do during our annual business meeting is to confirm the election of nominees to our Board of Directors and to transfer leadership on the Executive Committee. To that end and according to our Bylaws Article VII Sec 5 this letter will serve as my ballot declaring the nominees of the Nomination Committee to be unanimously elected. A letter was sent to you on December 11th, 2019, declaring the following slate of nominees:

Jeff Carter
General Mills
End User
Board of Directors – 2nd Term

Joe Pillis
Johnson Controls
Board of Directors – 2nd Term

Charles Taylor
Republic Refrigeration, Inc.
Board of Directors – 2nd Term

Samir Shah
Metalex Cryogenics, Ltd
Board of Directors – 2nd Term

Jeanna Emmons
PSM RMP Solutions
Board of Directors – 1st Term

Doug Scott
VaCom Technologies
Board of Directors – 1st Term

The following individual has been nominated to serve on the Executive Committee of IIAR’s Board of Directors as Treasurer:

Dave Malinauskas
CIMCO Refrigeration
IIAR Treasurer

The terms for these Board members and Officers will commence tomorrow at a previously scheduled special meeting of the Board of Directors. At this meeting, Dave Schaefer will become your new Chairman. I am looking forward to Dave’s insight and thoughtful leadership.

I would also like to recognize Mike Lynch for his past year of service as our IIAR Past-Chair and Ammonia Refrigeration Foundation Chairman. I have appreciated getting to follow Mike through the various chairs on the Executive Committee and have seen first hand his important contributions to the IIAR through his commitment and steady leadership.

In closing I would like to thank all of you and the Board of Directors for the privilege of serving as your Chairman this last year. It has been an exciting time to witness the amazing growth in the reputation, influence, and membership of our IIAR. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have served on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee these past several years.

Best Wishes and God Bless,

Bruce I. Nelson, P.E.

IIAR Chair 2019-2020