In this edition ...
Page 2 IIAR News Briefs
Page 3 Chairman's Message
Page 4 We Were Green before it was Cool: Some Thoughts on Sustainability 
Page 7 IIAR 2 
Page 8 IIAR Code Advocacy Update 
Page 10 IIAR Sets the Standard 
Page 14 ARM Program 
Page 15 Cold Storage Facility Energy Saving Trends 
Page 17 Dues Discount Program 
Page 18 Surfing at
Page 20 Troubleshooting Fan Coil Evaporators 
Page 22 2009 Exhibit Booth Sales Begin in September 
Page 24 Design of High Humidity Forced - Air Cooling System for Horticultural Produce 
Page 27 Green Supermarket Refrigeration Trend Growing in US
Page 29 EPA Risk Management Program Reporting Update 
Page 30 The Importance of Mechanical Integrity 
Page 35 Hydrostatic Relief Protection in Refrigeration Systems 
Page 37 IIAR 5 
Page 38 The Ammonia Data Book, 2nd Edition