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2013 Call for Technical Papers
Page 2 2012 Andy Ammonia Award Winners
Page 3 Chairman's Message
Page 4 IIAR Program Answer Industry with Small Facility Safety  Guidelines
Page 8 IIAR Code Advocacy Update
Page 12 IIAR Government Affairs
Page 16 Causes and Prevention of Corrosion on the Interior Surface of Metal Jacketing Used on Mechanical Insulation
Page 17 Ammonia Refrigeration Foundation Update
Page 18 2012 Conference &Exhibition
Page 20 2012 Industrial Refrigeration Conference & Exhibition Draws record Turnout.
Page 21 2012-2013 Board of Directors
Page 22 IIAR Names Member of the Year Honorary Life Member
Page 24 Global Views
Page 25 IIAR Expands Global Outreach
Page 32 From the Technical Director