IIAR 6 Certificate Program     

Intended Audience

This course is intended to serve as continuing education for industrial refrigeration professionals whose job responsibilities include inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM), and/or safe operation of an ammonia refrigeration system. This audience would include plant managers, maintenance directors and supervisors, engineering managers, facilities engineers, facility managers, service technicians, mechanical engineers, refrigeration engineers, as well as other employees who focus on mechanical integrity of equipment and/or day-to-day facility operations.

It is anticipated that course participants will become familiar with the ANSI/IIAR 6-2019 Standard for Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Closed-Circuit Ammonia Refrigeration Systems, and be able to apply those requirements to a safely operated refrigeration system.

IIAR 6 Certificate Course

Course Syllabus

Module 1 - Introductory Material
This module reviews the introductory content of ANSI/IIAR 6-2019.  This material includes the standard's purpose, scope and applicability to the inspection, testing, and maintenance of closed-circuit ammonia refrigeration systems, along with key definitions. It also reviews the reference standards that informed development of the IIAR 6 standard and outlines the expected management responsibilities associated with oversight of an ITM program.

Module 2 - General ITM Program Requirements
The second training module in the IIAR 6 Certificate Course covers minimum ITM program requirements, the relevance of recognized and generally accepted good engineering practices (RAGAGEP), addressing equipment deficiencies, frequency of ITM tasks, and record keeping requirements. 

Module 3 - ITM for Compressors, Refrigerant Pumps, and Condensers
Module 3 examines ITM tasks and indicated task frequencies for compressors, along with permitted and nonpermitted test methods for high discharge pressure safety devices. Also addressed are ITM tasks and indicated task frequencies for refrigerant pumps and compressors. 

Module 4 - ITM for Evaporators and Pressure Vessels
The fourth training module in the IIAR 6 Certificate Course covers ITM tasks and indicated task frequencies for nine common types of evaporators (forced-air, shell-and-tube, plate-heat exchanger, scraped/swept surface heat exchanger, jacketed and crystallizer tanks, ice builder, bunker coil, makeup air/make-up hygienic with heat, and falling film heat exchanger). Also covered are ITM tasks and indicated task frequencies for pressure vessels, with a focus on pitting and appropriate test methods for inspection of pressure vessels.
Module 5 - ITM for Piping and Safety Systems
Module 5 begins with a look at ITM for piping, along with a focus on whether pitted or corroded piping requires further evaluation. Also addressed are ITM for transfer and non-transfer hoses, emergency ventilation systems, emergency shutdown switches, ammonia detection and alarm systems, computer-controlled safety systems, and emergency eyewash and showers.

Module 6 - ITM for Overpressure Protection Devices, Purgers, and Ammonia Refrigerant and Secondary Coolants
The sixth IIAR Certificate Course training module starts off with ITM for overpressure protection devices, with an emphasis on new guidance concerning replacement of pressure relief valves. Also addressed are ITM tasks and frequencies for purgers and ammonia refrigerant and secondary coolants.

Module 7 - Appendices

While the information found in the IIAR 6 appendices is informative and not a requirement of the standard, this seventh training module in the IIAR 6 Certificate Program provides the participant with valuable insight and interpretation into the normative text covered in the main body of the standard by reviewing the significantly expanded content of the appendices. This module covers Appendix C “Water Contamination in Ammonia Refrigeration Systems,” Appendix D “Avoiding Component Failure in Industrial Refrigeration Systems caused by Abnormal Pressure or Shock,” and Appendix E “Risk Based Inspection, Testing and Maintenance.

Final Certificate Examination: The final exam will also be administered online. Qualified registrants MUST have paid their Certificate Course tuition and MUST have successfully completed the Module 1-7 Quick Check Quizzes (at least 80% correct on all eight quizzes).

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How It Works
Academy of Natural Refrigerants’ certificate courses are self-paced and are available entirely online, including the final exam. 

The IIAR 6 Certificate Course includes seven training sessions, each approximately 60 minutes long, delivered as a PowerPoint presentation with lecture. At the end of each module, there will be questions to check comprehension of the material. After comprehension of material is demonstrated via successful completion of the short “Quick Check” quiz, you can move onto the next module. To receive a certificate of completion, participants will be required to pass a comprehensive final course examination.

Course Requisites

  • General knowledge of the physical properties of ammonia
  • Working knowledge regarding equipment that may be employed in operational closed-circuit ammonia refrigeration systems
  • Familiarity with operation and maintenance of a closed-circuit ammonia refrigeration system

Learning Objectives
After completing this program, learners will be able to:

  • Identify the minimum requirements for inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) applicable to safe operation of closed-circuit ammonia refrigeration systems.
  • Discuss the relationship between ITM, mechanical integrity, and recognized and generally accepted engineering practices (RAGAGEP).
  • Recognize the minimum requirements for ITM record-keeping responsibilities.
Continuing Education Credits
After participating in an IIAR Academy of Natural Refrigeration certificate course, successfully completing the accompanying quizzes, and passing the final course exam, learners will earn continuing education credits that can be applied toward maintaining P.E. licensure and RETA certification. IIAR is accredited by the Registered Continuing Education Program for Engineers, Surveyors & A/E/C Professionals (RCEP) as an approved provider of continuing education. 
The IIAR 6 Certificate Course offers 6.0 Professional Development Hour (PDH) credits to learners who successfully complete the course.

The IIAR Academy of Natural Refrigerants is a long-term education program created to address the need for competent professionals in natural refrigeration system design, safety and maintenance. The objective of the academy is to address the technical training needs of end users, design build contractors, equipment manufacturers and consulting engineering sectors of the IIAR membership. As industry codes and regulations change and evolve, the need for competent refrigeration professionals will continue to expand.   

IIAR Certificate Courses are based on ASTM standards and allow design engineers, installers and responsible parties to show that they have received documented and standardized instruction regarding design and operation of ammonia-based refrigeration systems, and/or the current regulatory environment within the industry.