IIAR 4/5/8 Certificate Program    
The focus of this certificate is oriented toward the ANSI/IIAR standards governing safe installation, start-up, and decommissioning. Therefore, the intended audience includes end users who ultimately hold responsibility for their facilities; facility managers/engineers; designers; design/build contractors; and PSM/safety specialists.

Syllabus for IIAR 4/5/8 Certificate Course

Module 1 
IIAR 4-2015: General Information and Equipment Installation
This module reviews the first half of ANSI/IIAR 4-2015 Installation of Closed Circuit Ammonia Refrigeration Systems.  Content includes the standard's purpose, scope and applicability to the safe installation of closed-circuit ammonia refrigeration systems, along with key definitions of terminology used in the standard.  We’ll also addresses recognized reference standards from other organizations and examine general requirements for supervision of an installation, safety training, and suitable materials.  And finally, this module reviews the minimum requirements for installation of ammonia refrigeration equipment  
Presenter:  Trevor Hegg, EVAPCO, Inc. (Taneytown, MD)

Module 2 
IIAR 4-2015: Installation of Piping/Controls/Insulation; Leak/Pressure Testing
The second module in the IIAR 4/5/8 Certificate Course looks at the second half of ANSI/IIAR 4-2015 Installation of Closed Circuit Ammonia Refrigeration Systems, including requirements for installation of pipe, valves, and flanges.  Module 2 also reviews installation of visual indicators and dives into both normative and informative specifications for installation of ammonia system insulation.  We wind up with an examination of leak testing and pressure testing of the newly installed system or equipment, as well as appropriate minimum values for leak test pressure. 
Presenter:  Mark Stencel, Bassett Mechanical (Kaukauna, WI)

Module 3 
IIAR 5-2013: General Information, Records, and Start-Up
This module examines the first half of ANSI/IIAR 5-2013 Start-up and Commissioning of Closed Circuit Ammonia Refrigeration Systems, including the standard's purpose, scope and applicability. The content explores the pre-start-up design records, system inventory lists, and field pressure test records that must be compiled before bringing an ammonia refrigeration system online. Module 3 also reviews the steps that must be in place and documented as the installation progresses, including the start-up team; start-up plan; safety reviews; pre-charging activities; charging; post-charging activities; and the commissioning process. 
Presenter:  Bruce Nelson, Colmac Coil Manufacturing (Colville, WA).

Module 4 
IIAR 5-2013: Start-up of Additions and Modifications; Appendices
The fourth training module in the IIAR 4/5/8 Certificate Course guides learners through the second half of ANSI/IIAR 5-2013 Start-up and Commissioning of Closed Circuit Ammonia Refrigeration Systems. The module begins with a review of start-up procedures for additions and modifications to existing installations. Requirements for safety reviews, electrical equipment, pressure testing, leak testing, system monitoring, and commissioning are addressed. This module also focuses on the normative IIAR 5 appendices, which offer instruction on design pressures; machinery rooms and auxiliary safety equipment; and leak testing, evacuation, and dehydration. We also dive into the informative appendices as well, which include useful recommendations for pre-charging and pre-start-up check lists; purging; and planning for system tie-ins. 
Presenter:  Jeff Sutton, Sutton & Associates, Inc. (Columbus, OH)

Module 5 
IIAR 8-2015: General Information and Preparing for Decommissioning
Module 5 goes through the first half of ANSI/IIAR 8-2015 Decommissioning of Closed-Circuit Ammonia Refrigeration Systems. The standard's purpose and scope are reviewed, as are important definitions and normative references. However, the bulk of this module is spent on discussion of the numerous steps required in preparing for decommissioning of an installation. Our instructor will guide learners through the detailed requirements for initial planning, documentation, training, precautions, decommissioning procedures, and regulatory compliance. Ammonia removal and other safety considerations are also discussed, as are removal procedures for ammonia and equipment. 
Presenter:  Peter Jordan, MBD Risk Management Service, Inc. (Langhorne, PA).

Module 6 
IAR 8-2015: Requirements for Equipment and Decommissioning Activities
The IIAR 4/5/8 Certificate Course wraps up with Module 6 and an examination of the second half of ANSI/IIAR 8-2015 Decommissioning of Closed-Circuit Ammonia Refrigeration Systems. Learners will first hear a discussion of requirements for system equipment, safety equipment and materials, site materials, and maintenance. This is followed by a close look at the standards for decommissioning activities, including facility preparation, system modifications and additions, ammonia removal and disposal, equipment removal or abandon in place, and close-out activities. The module concludes with a review of the informative appendices and implementation of a decommissioning checklist.  
Presenter:  Don Faust, Frick Commercial Refrigeration (Waynesboro, PA)

Final Examination

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Non-Member Price: $850.00 
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Note: The course fees listed above are per person for a single presentation connection for individual use and may not be shared with other users. All registrants must individually register for the desired course to participate and receive continuing education credit

How It Works
Academy of Natural Refrigerants’ certificate courses are self-paced and are available entirely online, including the final exam. 

The IIAR 4/5/8 Certificate course includes six training sessions, each approximately 60 minutes long, delivered as a PowerPoint presentation with lecture. At the end of each module you must successfully complete a short quiz to check your comprehension of the material. To receive a certificate, participants will be required to pass all quizzes as well as a comprehensive final course examination. Content will be archived online for learners who are unable to attend the live training session test.

Final Examination
Qualified registrants MUST have paid their Certificate Course tuition and MUST have successfully completed the Module 1-6 Quick Check Quizzes (at least 80% correct on all six quizzes).

Course Requisites
We recommend these minimum requirements for individuals interested in participating in this program:

* General knowledge of the physical properties of ammonia

* Familiarity with design, operation, and maintenance of closed-circuit ammonia refrigeration systems

* Working knowledge regarding equipment that may be employed in operational closed-circuit ammonia refrigeration systems

Learning Objectives
After completing the IIAR 4/5/8 Certificate Course, learners will be able to:
· Demonstrate familiarity with the requirements for safe installation of equipment that may be employed in closed-circuit ammonia refrigeration systems, including compressors, condensers, evaporators, pressure vessels, piping, valves, components, and controls.
· Explain the significance of--and requirements for--field leak testing; pressure testing; and final leak testing, evacuation, and dehydration of a new closed-circuit refrigeration installation.
· List the required procedures in a typical installation start-up.
· In accordance with the requirements outlined in ANSI/IIAR 5-2013, compile a pre-start-up system component inventory list for each of the major components of an ammonia refrigeration system.
· List examples of decommissioning activities and identify appropriate and safe procedures for accomplishing those tasks.
· Demonstrate familiarity with decommissioning requirements for ammonia removal and disposal.
Continuing Education Credits
After completing an IIAR Academy of Natural Refrigeration certificate course, successfully completing the accompanying quizzes, and passing the final course exam, you will earn the corresponding number of continuing education credits, which can be applied toward maintaining P.E. licensure. IIAR is accredited by the Registered Continuing Education Program for Engineers, Surveyors & A/E/C Professionals (RCEP) as an approved provider of continuing education 
The IIAR 4/5/8 Certificate Course offers up to 6 Professional Development Hours (PDHs). 

The IIAR Academy of Natural Refrigerants is a long-term education program created to address the need for competent professionals in natural refrigeration system design, safety and maintenance. The objective of the academy is to address the technical training needs of end users, design build contractors, equipment manufacturers, operators, safety/PSM specialists, and consulting engineering sectors of the IIAR membership. As industry codes and regulations change and evolve the need for competent professionals in our industry will continue to grow. 
IIAR Certificate Courses are based on ASTM standards and allow industrial refrigeration professionals to show that they have received documented and standardized instruction regarding the requirements for design and operation of ammonia-based refrigeration systems.