Training Videos from IIAR Now Available Online!

IIAR training videos have long been a primary source of education materials for schools, end-users, contractors, engineers, manufacturers and others serving the ammonia refrigeration industry. These video series cover a broad range of topics ranging from basic ammonia refrigeration systems and components to oil removal, ammonia safety procedures and emergency preparedness. The education programs come complete computerized testing to document employee training.

Video training is now more accessible to the industry through the new IIAR Learning Management System platform. The complete IIAR video series is now available online 24/7, when you need it. IIAR videos and testing can be obtained through a license subscription program providing access to training institutions, end-users and others working in the ammonia refrigeration industry any-time and any-where.

Video License Advantage & Features:

  • End-User multiple facility access for all employee training
  • Institutional access for multiple students and locations
  • Institutional admin rights - one contact from an organization can assign seats and review student records
  • Maintain student records through IIAR Learning Management System
  • Qualified for continuing education credits
  • Online Access 24/7 to match employee and student training schedules 
Series I Basic Ammonia Refrigeration Training ProgramAvailable in Spanish

The IIAR Basic Ammonia Refrigeration training program is a complete package of online instructional Videos and Tests to document employee training. Each module takes a step-by-step approach to fundamental ammonia refrigeration principles, applications, and components. These videos are designed to be used by companies for in-house training.

  • Introduction to Ammonia Refrigeration
  • Ammonia Refrigeration Systems
  • Evaporators
  • Compressors
  • Condensers
  • Shut-Off Valves
  • Control Valves
  • Pumps

Series II - The IIAR Ammonia Refrigeration Safety Training Program
Each module focuses on critical safety information including the potential hazards of ammonia, personal protective equipment, emergency response team structure and emergency response procedures. Employee safety and efficient operation of your ammonia refrigeration system are fundamental to your company’s success. The IIAR Ammonia Refrigeration Safety Training Videos are excellent teaching tools for facility management, operations and maintenance personnel and any other employee who is expected to manage an emergency response or perform specific duties in the event of an ammonia release.

  • Introduction to Personal Protective Equipment
  • Use of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Emergency Response
  • Emergency Response Procedures
  • The First 30 Minutes
Series III - Removing Oil from an Ammonia Refrigeration System - Available in Spanish

This training program instructs system operators in the most important maintenance procedure routinely performed – the safe draining of oil since this process is also the most common, it is imperative that system operators are properly trained with up to date oil draining guidelines.

All online videos include online exams to document successful completion of each course module. Student hours of completion are recorded by IIAR on the Learning Management System (LMS) with Personal Development Hours (PDH) certificates provided upon completion of the project.

Pricing Structure

Pricing is based on a yearly license and first use of content.  Licenses must be renewed each year.

License Seats   1000 - 751  750 - 501 500 - 176 175 -151 150 - 76  75 - 51 50 - 26  25 - 16 15 - 11  10 - 6  5-2   1
Series I Training Program
$25,000 $21,000 $15,750 $8,750 $6,000 $3,375 $2,500 $1,375 $975 $750 $575  $500
Series II Training Program $18,500 $15,750 $11,750 $6,500 $4,350 $2,475 $1,750 $1,025 $735 $560  $425 $375
Series III Training Program $3,000  $2,500  $1,875  $750 $700  $400  $300 $175  $125  $100   $75  $50
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