IIAR Refrigeration Piping Handbook Education Program

Exploring an Essential Tool for Designers, Contractors and Operators
Virtual Presentation
Thursday June 24, 2021
11:00 AM - 3:00 PM EDT

In what has become an essential part of IIAR’s annual conference, the IIAR will offer a special education program to provide additional educational opportunities and continuing education credits.  The 2021 program topic will be “The IIAR Refrigeration Piping Handbook – Exploring an Essential Tool for Designers, Contractors and Operators”. 

This 4 hour course will examine all the parts of the IIAR Refrigeration Piping Handbook and will provide an overview of the content (including spreadsheet calculators provided to handbook purchasers) and detailed explanations of the art and engineering methods that are presented in the handbook.

This program will be presented in four parts by outstanding refrigeration professionals. 

  • Part 1 will cover pressure drop engineering equations, vertical suction riser flow theory, and the use of computer programs and nomographs. Mr. Bruce Nelson of Colmac Coil Manufacturing, Past Chairman of the IIAR BOD and Current Chairman of NRF will present this material.  Bruce was instrumental in leading the recent research in two phase flow analysis for vertical suction risers and re-writing the first chapter on pressure drop calculations. Among many other contributions, Bruce was the chair of IIAR’s research committee for many years and aided the completion of many valuable research projects. 
  • Part 2 will cover evaporator and condenser piping methods.  Depending on design and function, successful evaporator and condenser piping designs require attention to nuance to achieve safe and optimal performance. Mr. Gordon Struder, Director, Advanced Engineering at Evapco, will present this material. Gordon is a member of the IIAR Board of Directors and is the Chairman of the IIAR Piping Committee. He was also involved with the re-write of chapter one and indeed the entire handbook. He was also a long time chairman of ASHRAE’s Refrigeration Piping Committee.
  • Part 3 will cover a number of other important topics found within the handbook including plant layout, machinery room layout, welding requirements, schematics, and relief piping. Mr. Doug Stricker of Gray Architects and Engineers will present this material.  Doug has several decades of experience in design and managing the construction of hundreds of refrigeration systems varying in size and scope.  He is a member of an IIAR Standards Consensus Body, the IIAR Piping Committee and has been a contributor to the review and editing of the handbook content. 
  • Part 4 addresses insulation systems for piping and equipment, an extremely important component of any refrigeration system. Insulation systems reduce energy consumption, enhance workplace safety, and increase the mechanical integrity of piping and vessels. Mr. Jim Young of Johns Manville will provide the overview of insulation guidance found within the handbook.  Jim is a long-term member of IIAR’s piping committee and was instrumental in the execution of IIAR’s upcoming Insulation Installation Guideline and other insulation research. Jim is also a long-term member of ASHRAE’s piping and insulation technical committees.  His career spans several decades and has been devoted to the application of insulation for various systems, but mainly to cold service applications.  Jim was heavily involved in the crafting and editing of the insulation chapter and has contributed many articles for the IIAR “Condenser” as well as technical papers.

The IIAR Refrigeration Piping Handbook Education Program is presented as an adjunct technical program to the annual conference technical program.  Registrants will be provided the opportunity to purchase a new piping handbook (which provides access to computer design programs) for a 40% discount.

Sponsored by Frick Industrial Refrigeration