The Annual IIAR Natural Refrigeration Conference & Expo is the largest exposition dedicated to the ammonia and natural refrigeration industry. We provide an unrivaled opportunity for the industry's leading manufacturers, contractors, trainers, and other service providers to showcase their latest innovations and products. With over 1,600 in attendance last year, this is a perfect chance to network and collaborate with some of the greatest minds  in the natural refrigeration community. Our 2018 IIAR Conference and Heavy Equipment Expo was held in Colorado Springs, Colorado. With more exciting activities and programs added, the 2018 IIAR Natural Refrigeration Conference & Expo is one you won't want to miss.

Meet us in Colorado Springs, Colorado for the 2018 Natural Refrigeration Conference & Expo 
The 2018 IIAR Natural Refrigeration Conference & Expo will take place at the beautiful Broadmoor Hotel and Resort located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Next year, our conference kicks off March 18th, 2018 and runs through March 21th, 2018. Details about the 2018 conference are forthcoming and will be available right here on the Annual Conference Page! We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you in  Colorado Springs.

Why You Should Attend!
The IIAR Natural Refrigeration Conference Exhibit Hall is a one stop shopping venue for the latest products, services and solutions in natural refrigeration. With over 30,000 square feet of show floor and over 150 exhibitors from all aspects of the industry, our show is proven to bring all natural refrigeration industry technologies, services and products to one place. This is a great chance to connect with others in your industry, and discuss some of the most groundbreaking industry trends and innovations.  Our conference is the perfect place to discover what's new in natural refrigeration across the globe.

Position Yourself as an Expert at the 2018 IIAR Natural Refrigeration Conference & Expo
Become active in the Natural Refrigeration community by presenting a Technical Paper or Workshop Program at the 2018 IIAR Natural Refrigeration Conference & Expo in Colorado Springs, Colorado, March 18- 21, 2018 or at the 2019 IIAR Natural Refrigeration Conference and Expo on Phoenix Arizona, March 3-6, 2019. Contact Eric Smith, Vice President and Technical Director of IIAR at [email protected]. For more information and to read the Tech Program Submission guidelines click here .