IIAR Commercialism Policy

The IIAR Board of Directors provides two outlets for commercial presentations: (1) the Exhibition Hall, and (2) Product/Service Showcases. The Board believes that the purpose of Technical Papers is to relate information of lasting value to the ammonia refrigeration industry, and that commercially oriented presentations (e.g., sales pitches) are not appropriate for the conference proceedings. While papers providing a fair, unbiased assessment of the technical features and design basis of similar products (i.e., a technology survey) are encouraged, marketing and sales presentations are not welcome. Please refrain from directly mentioning your company name, your products by name, model number, etc. Attendees will know that products based on "new technology" presented by a manufacturer are available from that manufacturer. (The last paper IIAR rejected for commercialism used the proprietary name of a product approximately 40 times in 9 pages, and the paper provided no information about use of the product with ammonia!)