Copyright Policy

The IIAR Standard Agreement (Copyright Release Form) must be completed before your paper can appear in the proceedings. You will retain ownership of your paper; however, IIAR will request an unrestricted license to print, sell, and otherwise distribute copies of the final paper. IIAR will retain the copyright of the final formatted version of your paper, which appears in the proceedings. Reprinting of this formatted version for distribution will require permission from IIAR, but you remain free to use copies of the final draft (or to format and publish it yourself in another form) as you wish.

Any materials that belong to another party, for example, figures taken from another source (such as a building code document), will require permission from the original copyright owner before they can be used in your paper. IIAR can obtain that permission if it is available, but this is a time-consuming process. Please inform IIAR staff as soon as possible if you plan to use any copyrighted material in your final paper. It will be necessary to remove material from papers if copyright permission is not received.