Technical Paper Oral Presentation 

A total of 50 minutes is allotted for each technical paper, which includes 3 to 5 minutes for introductions and announcements and 10 to 12 minutes for questions and answers at the end of the presentation. We anticipate that your presentation will inspire discussion.

You are urged to use PowerPoint for your presentation. If this is not feasible, please contact IIAR as soon as possible to discuss alternative arrangements. You should notify IIAR staff as soon as possible about any other requests you may have for audio-visual equipment. You should also bring a laptop to the meeting for use with your presentation.

Your draft presentation in PowerPoint is due to IIAR for review by December 31st. IIAR staff will review the draft for estimated time to present the slides, commercialism, and ease of understanding by the audience. After you receive comments back, you should begin to practice the presentation. IIAR strongly recommends that you do some practice runs both in front of friendly critics and in front of a video recorder. The practice audience and a review of the recorded sessions should be enough for you to be very well prepared for your live presentation.

When presenting your paper, the moderator will help keep you on schedule by initiating a timer at the beginning of your talk. We suggest that you present the main points of your paper, and refer the audience to the paper for additional detail. Make your presentation from notes rather than reading your presentation, and be brief enough to be interesting but detailed enough to cover the subject. Some good guidelines for structuring your talk: give an overview (approximately 5 minutes), address the main points of the paper (approximately 20 minutes), and then summarize (approximately 5 minutes).

The use of any props other than your PowerPoint presentation, must be approved prior to the conference.