Technical Paper Peer Review Process

IIAR Technical Papers are subject to a thorough peer-review process. At least three peer reviewers are selected to review the technical aspects of each paper. IIAR staff ensures that the identities of the peer reviewers and authors remain unknown to each other. Peer reviewer comments, along with general comments on technical content, graphics quality, format, and layout issues, are forwarded to the author. The author will be asked to revise the draft paper to address all comments received. Draft papers are sometimes rejected by peer reviewers at this stage, if they contain excessive commercialism or lack technical merit.

Review comments. The objective of the peer review process is to assure the quality of each paper that IIAR publishes. Therefore, please do not take reviewer comments personally. IIAR staff will provide all unedited reviewer comments judged relevant to the technical content of the paper to authors. Because of the anonymous nature of the peer-review process, some of the review comments can be less than complimentary. It is necessary that you address all reviewer comments in preparing your final draft; however, it is not necessary that you accept all comments that are purely the opinion of the reviewer. You must, however, provide a coherent reason for rejecting any reviewer comments.

Once a final paper is submitted, IIAR technical staff and a professional editor will verify that all reviewer comments were addressed, edit the paper (for length, grammar, readability, etc.), and publish the conference proceedings.