Ammonia Refrigeration Workshop October 6 to October 7 in Torun, Poland

Ammonia Refrigeration Workshop in Poland is approaching milestones. This event has been gathering technicians and engineers in the field of industrial refrigeration for over a decade to exchange of ideas and know-how that often arises from one-on-one problem-solving discussions between professional engineers. Again it is organized by METALKO Sp. z o.o. of Bydgoszcz Kuyavian-Pomeranian (KP) Center of Training and Certifications, the 2022 workshop will run from October 6 to October 7 in Torun, Poland.
This year’s theme, ”Ammonia – this is not for cooling only” extends typical coverage for industrial heat pumps and will include a discussion panel led by refrigeration engineers.

Additionally, sessions will be focused on topics such as:

  • ammonia detection systems
  • mechanical sealings
  • absorption refrigeration
  • corrosion under insulation - CUI 
  • NDT in maintenance
  • water management for evaporative condensers
  • retrofitting of ammonia systems
  • frost heaving
  • speeches in the field of ABC of refrigeration. 

Among the sponsors and attendees are:

  • The National Refrigeration Forum
  • The Union of the Polish Refrigeration Industry
  • The Office of Technical Inspection
  • The Technical University in Bydgoszcz
  • The Polish Federation of Engineering Associations
  • Technical journals ChiK
  • Portal Spozywczy

Piotr Kamecki, one of the event’s original organizers said the workshop is one way for ammonia refrigeration professionals to highlight the ways the industry can help in the global fight against climate change. ”We are always conscious of the dangers of climate change, so this [workshop] is just one way we can begin to build awareness and highlight the steps towards natural refrigerants and a more sustainable future,” he said.

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