Ammonia Refrigeration Design for LEED Certification
Ammonia Refrigeration Design for LEED Certification (2010)-This paper describes how a refrigerated warehouse with an efficient refrigeration design using ammonia can achieve LEED® certification. Development of a sustainable “green” facility with LEED certification includes site considerations, indoor air quality, water efficiency as well as methods and materials of construction used in the building. The largest single category, Energy and Atmosphere, provides an excellent opportunity to utilize advantages of ammonia refrigeration. A facility being built in San Diego employed early and extensive analysis with assistance from utility programs to determine the cost effectiveness for design alternatives and efficiency investments including R-22 versus ammonia, high-rise building and material handling, LED lights, rainwater recovery, water-saving measures and solar (PV) generation. Controls and mechanical equipment were designed to make the entire system “variable capacity.” These design features helped the facility owner achieve LEED Gold certification while holding four times as much product as their existing facility and using half the energy.
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