The Vertical Pipe Sizing Program (VPS 2010): When Less is Mo
The Vertical Pipe Sizing Program (VPS 2010): When Less is More (2010)-In the world of ammonia refrigeration, it can sometimes seem that our intuitive sense of how things should work differs from the realities of the internal workings of the ammonia universe. One such example is when dealing with system performance and flow restrictions. As mechanical designer(s) we intuitively think bigger is better or that reduced flow restriction should allow improved performance. As some of our industry's experts have tried to help us understand, this is not always the case. When the real world verifies their counter-intuitive theories it can be a meaningful learning experience for everyone involved. This was the case in a recent low temperature spiral freezer application with a flooded evaporator and surge drum accumulator. According to today's standard safety practices, the surge drum was mounted on the roof with a significant vertical lift required in the suction return line. This same vertical difference provided what proved to be an excessive down force on the liquid supply leg. The application of theoretical liquid return line sizing and liquid feed rate control per Mr. David Ross's spreadsheet program proved the truth that sometimes "Less really is More."- THIS IS NOT A PROGRAM, this is a technical paper.
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