Industrial Refrigeration Vapor Valve Sizing • An Updated App
Industrial Refrigeration Vapor Valve Sizing • An Updated Approach (2015)-Calculation of pressure drop in vapor flows through valves has made substantial advancements in the past half-century. Currently-used methods for determining pressure drop through valves with vapor flows (assumed to be either saturated or superheated refrigerant vapor states) were identified and evaluated. Attempts at providing a standard means for industrial ammonia system engineers to calculate vapor valve pressure drops have been undertaken in the past, notably by the IIAR. At present, the IIAR makes available an explicit set of equations, based on CV , and provided in the Ammonia Refrigeration Piping Handbook (2004). It is often the case that in HVAC&R, valves are sized based on capacity in Tons of Refrigeration. This does not allow for accurate sizing for types of valves not rated in those terms and will often not predict the correct valve for a specific application. This study recommends the use of widely-standardized methods for calculating vapor flow valve pressure drops be adopted in the industrial refrigeration industry on the part of engineers and contractors.
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