Assessment of Lubricants for Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide Refr
Assessment of Lubricants for Hydrocarbon Refrigeration Systems (2020) - Ammonia (R717) and carbon dioxide (R744) have received increased recognition as non-ozonedepleting and low global warming potential refrigerants. In some cases, both of these refrigerants are used in a cascade system. Some properties of refrigerant-lubricant mixtures are very important for the design and performance of compressors and the refrigeration cycle. Low solubility of a lubricant with a refrigerant can improve the compressor’s performance. The use of miscible or nonmiscible lubricants can bring different technical advantages for the performance of the refrigeration cycle. Examination of a lubricant’s chemistry, miscibility, solubility, and viscosity with a refrigerant helps system engineers find the best overall balance of good compatibility, lubricity/load-carrying performance, and
system performance. R717 data are presented with immiscible mineral oil and synthetic hydrocarbon lubricants and a miscible polyalkylene glycol lubricant. R744 data are presented for miscible polyolester and polyalkylene glycol derivative lubricants and immiscible synthetic hydrocarbon lubricants.
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