Taking Your PSM Program to the Next Level: Establishing an E
Taking Your PSM Program to the Next Level: Establishing an Evaluation System (2020) - Process safety management (PSM) is an “evergreen” process requiring consistent monitoring to ensure compliance. An evaluation system of the various audit/inspection programs is a good tool for monitoring the pulse of the PSM program and providing a gap analysis report that can be communicated throughout the organization. An evaluation system also helps with accountability in completing recommendations in a timely manner, provides a tool to rank open recommendation priorities from the various audit/inspection programs and keep up with annual requirements, and allows for continuous improvement of the PSM program.

This paper will review steps for establishing a grading system to score the triannual compliance audit, five-year process hazards analysis (PHA) revalidation, and five-year mechanical integrity (MI) inspections. It also provides a means for tracking items such as standard operating procedure (SOP) certifications, training, and maintenance inspections/tests (i.e., annual visual inspections and vibration and oil analyses) required annually under current IIAR standards.
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