Assessment of Lubricants for Hydrocarbon Refrigeration Syste
Assessment of Lubricants for Hydrocarbon Refrigeration Systems (2020)(Food Retail)- Hydrocarbon refrigerants are increasingly recognized for their ozone-friendly characteristics; zeroto-negligible global warming potential (GWP); and, in some applications, a performance benefit versus other refrigerants. Hydrocarbon refrigerants may be used in applications ranging from small domestic appliances and residential air conditioning to large industrial systems. As a result, the use of refrigerants such as R-290, R-600a, and R-1270 are finding increased use. Certain properties of refrigerant-lubricant mixtures are essential to the design, efficiency, and performance of compressors and the refrigeration cycle. An examination of a lubricant’s chemistry, miscibility, solubility, and viscosity in the presence of a given refrigerant helps system engineers find the best overall balance of compatibility, lubricity/load-carrying performance, and system performance. This paper presents data for systems employing various hydrocarbon refrigerants with mineral oil and synthetic lubricants to investigate potential overall performance benefits.
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