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If you join the IIAR community you gain access to the eLibrary, our membership directory, free access to IIAR membership webinars, discounts at the IIAR store and new benefits such as: 

  • FREE eReader access to all IIAR Standards
  • FREE access to 1 IIAR Academy of Natural Refrigerants certificate course per member – members choice – PDH Credits apply
  • FREE access to 1 IIAR Training Video Series per member – members choice – PDH Credits apply
  • FREE access to the IIAR Conference Technical Content online

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Dues are per membership year. Membership Year is July 1–June 30.  IIAR Membership is not pro-rated.

Group Company Membership

Best Value!

Individuals who are employed by the same company that would like to benefit from IIAR’s offerings can join collectively as a Group Company Membership. Group members may be employed at the same facility or at an additional facility that is not an autonomous division or wholly owned subsidiary. The group must select a group administrator who assigns all members of the group.  The administrator must select one individual who is identified as the Voting Member, who will be the company representative for the group in all matters of IIAR coming before membership and requiring a vote. All other members within a group membership are considered non-voting.  A company may have an unlimited number of group members based on pricing structure outlined below. Please contact IIAR if you have any questions about your eligibility

Group Company Membership Pricing

  • $2,000 – 2 to 5 individuals
  • $4,000 – 6 to 10 individuals
  • $6,000 – 11 to 15 individuals
  • $8,000 – 16 to 20 individuals
  • $10,000 – 21 to 25 individuals
    • $100 for each individual above 25

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Note: If a group membership is purchased, and all persons defined, then a few months later, the company wished to add a new member they would have to ask IIAR to update invoicing manually.  A special request must be submitted.

Individual Company Membership

Individual Company membership is a single membership where you, as the member, are registered under your company of employment. You are automatically designated as the voting member who will be the company representative in all matters of IIAR coming before membership and requiring a vote. If additional employees from the company would like to join, it would require you to upgrade to Group Company Membership. 

The price for an Individual Company Membership is $1,000

If think your company might already have a group company membership and you wish to be added to that Group, please contact us at, and we can confirm and put you in touch with the group company administrator.

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Special Membership

$100 per Individual - IIAR approval is required.

Special memberships include:
Academic: Instructors, Professors, Researchers, etc.
Affiliate: code groups, insurance agencies, or regulatory agencies. IIAR approval is required.

Retired: Any individual who is retired from the Ammonia Refrigeration Industry
Student: Student that is involved with the Ammonia Refrigeration Industry.  Must be a full-time student and supply IIAR with current transcript and/or student id.
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Should an individual leave the company, the IIAR Membership stays with the company unless the individual has personally paid for the membership. Membership dues are not deductible as a charitable expense. They may be deductible as a business expense. A request to transfer membership must be made in writing by the individual for individual memberships and by the company admin for company memberships.  You may submit your request by email to

Member Categories

Note that IIAR Member Categories do not drive member rates, they do however, drive discounts to events and other special programs designated by the IIAR. Indicating your category accurately is imperative to get the most out of your IIAR Membership.

Individual and Group Member Categories
Contractor Principle business is installation/service/maintenance of refrigeration systems
Engineer Principle business is design of refrigeration systems
End User I User of ammonia refrigeration, e.g., refrigerated warehouse, food processor, etc., multiple facilities over 10,000 pounds
End User II User of ammonia refrigeration, single facility with less than 10,000 pounds of ammonia
Manufacturer Manufacturers of ammonia/industrial refrigeration equipment/components
Manufacturer's Representative Principle business is the marketing/sales of industrial refrigeration equipment
Other  Utility companies, Consultants, Training Facilities, etc. 
Wholesaler Wholesaler or supplier of ammonia or other type of refrigerant

Special Member Categories
Academic Instructors, Professors, Researchers, etc.
Affiliate Code Groups, Insurance Companies, Regulatory Agencies
Retired A person no longer gainfully employed in the industry on a full-time basis
Student A person currently enrolled in a university that is involved with the Ammonia Refrigeration Industry. A copy of your student ID and transcript should be sent to