IIAR Memberkit FAQ

Gilmore Global is a third party vendor to IIAR that provides member access to IIAR standards and bulletins via the Vitalsource/eVantage website and an online store for publication purchases.  


Q. What is a MemberKit? 

A. A memberkit contains eReader access to all IIAR Standards (most up to date and older versions) via the VitalSource ereader platform in eBook format. It may only be accessed online via the VitalSource/eVantage website or offline with the download of the offline application. The memberkit option is available through purchase of IIAR membership. To inquire about this option, please reach out to IIAR directly via email at [email protected].

Q: I am an IIAR member. How do I access/activate my memberkit library?

A: After signing up for membership with IIAR, you will be receiving (or will have received) an email from IIAR with subject line “Bookshelf login information” which provides instructions on where to login as well as login credentials. The email sent will read similar to: 

Email from:
IIAR [email protected] via sendgrid.net
Email content: 
IIAR has chosen Bookshelf as its digital content platform, and a new account has been created for you. To access your account, log in to http://online.vitalsource.com using your IIAR username and password.  Once signed in, you’ll be prompted to set a security question and a new password for the vitalsource/Evantatage website.

To activate your memberkit/IIAR library, which contains the standards, you will need to login to the VitalSource/Evantage website (evantage.gilmoreglobal.com) with the email address used for your IIAR membership, as described in the email.

Please ensure you are checking the junk/spam folder as automated emails might be sent there. If you are using a company/business email, please inquire with your IT department as they might also have the email blocked for security purposes. 

If you have joined IIAR and have not received the instructions via email, please reach out to our support team for further assistance. 

Support email: [email protected]

Support phone: 613.592.2944 


Q. How can I reach out to Gilmore Global regarding further questions?

A. You can email us at [email protected]  as well as using the chat function when you login to the eStore.