Guideline for Installing Insulation on Ammonia Refrigeration Systems, 1st Edition

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The IIAR Guideline for Insulation on Ammonia Refrigeration Systems was developed to enhance the safety, reliability, effectiveness, and longevity of insulated piping, vessels, and other equipment. It provides detailed instructions for installing insulation systems, provides examples of poorly installed or maintained insulation systems, and provides quality assurance guidance to help owners and contractors achieve a high level of quality for installed insulation systems. This guideline focuses on the appropriate steps in installing insulation systems for cold piping and equipment on new and existing ammonia refrigeration systems. Additional precautions for working on or around charged ammonia refrigeration systems are necessary but are not addressed within the scope of this guideline. This guideline was developed as the result of an Ammonia Refrigeration Foundation research project. Its scope is limited to the application of polyisocyanurate (PIR) and extruded polystyrene (XPS) because most refrigeration applications use these two types of insulation.  

Part 1: Detailed Installation Practices for Cold Insulation Systems Using XPS and PIR

  1. Before starting.
  2. Preparation of pipe and equipment surfaces.
  3. Corrosion-inhibiting protective coatings.
  4. Installation of insulation with sheet or film vapor retarders on pipes and fittings.
  5. Installation of insulation on vessels (single and multilayer systems).
  6. Installation of sheet or film VR on vessels.
  7. Special insulation issues.
  8. Protective jacketing.
  9. Other insulation installation issues.

Part 2 Quality Assurance Practices for Installation of Insulation Systems

  1. Introduction.
  2. QA terminology.
  3. Acceptability of the insulation workers.
  4. Inspection of surface preparation.
  5. Receipt and inspection of thermal insulation materials, including sheet or film VRs.
  6. Inspection of installation of pipe and fitting insulation and VRs.
  7. Inspection of installation of vessel insulation and vapor retarders.
  8. Inspection of installation of protective jacket over insulation and VRs.
  9. Final report or system certification.

Part 3 Inspection and Maintenance of Insulation Systems