IIAR Regular and Associate Member Benefits

    As a member of IIAR you join with over 2,500 individuals in more than 50 countries who share your enthusiasm to your career and profession. Strength in numbers helps us make a positive difference.

Benefits of membership include:

IIAR eLibrary- The most comprehensive on-line resource of ammonia refrigeration technical publications:
- Free online access to IIAR Bulletins
- Free online access to IIAR Standards
- Free online access to the Ammonia Data Book
- Free online access to more than 500 Technical Papers

IIAR Publications Discounts - IIAR members receive a significant discount on popular industry publications:
- Ammonia Refrigeration Piping Handbook
- Process Safety Management and Risk Management Program Guidelines
- Carbon Dioxide Industrial Refrigeration Handbook
- IIAR Safety and Training Videos

IIAR Communications - The Condenser, a quarterly magazine and the IIAR Connect Newsletter, delivered digitally each month.
- Technical Updates and New Industry Information
- Regulatory Issues and Code & Standards Revision
- IIAR and Other Association News

IIAR Conference Registration & Exhibitor Discounts
- The IIAR annual conference attracts over 1,500 industry professionals worldwide - Only IIAR members receive a discounted conference rate on attendance.
- The IIAR conference offers career and professional development through technical presentations, workshop participation, and networking opportunities.

IIAR Online Membership Directory
- IIAR members can connect and network with other IIAR Members and professionals throughout the world.  This is the best industry specific directory in the ammonia refrigeration community.

IIAR Committees and Task Force Participation
- As a member, you are invited to serve on committees and task forces which produce authoritative industry consensus documents such as the IIAR Standards and IIAR Bulletins.

IIAR is looking ahead in to the future...
2017- 2018 IIAR Member Year
- IIAR Certificate Program ANSI/IIAR4/5/6
- Basic Ammonia Refrigeration - Module 9: Vessels (Video and Workbook)
- Ongoing industry research, including the IIAR research project for Optimum Pipe Sizing
- 2018 IIAR Natural Refrigeration Conference & Expo
- Online learning management system
And much more...