Our Commitment to Education 
It is part of our mission at IIAR to provide education for the ammonia and natural refrigerant community. With training material including, The IIAR Basic Ammonia Refrigeration Program (Series I) to The Ammonia Refrigeration Safety Program (Series II) there is truly a product for every need. IIAR Bulletins serve as great informative documents and guidelines written as a collection of ideas from some of IIAR's most intellectual thinkers. IIAR Standards contain both normative and informative information establishing minimum requirements for industry compliance and advisory information where possible. These resources are must haves to ensure safety and knowledge in the growing field of industrial refrigeration. Click here to view IIAR 2 Certificate Course

Ongoing Education and Training

The first name in ammonia safety training.  Classes include information on how to respond to an ammonia release to how to implement an emergency response plan.  Click here for more information.

Ammonia Operator Training, Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration Training, Ammonia Certifications, and Technician Training with hands on equipment. Click here for a schedule of classes.  

Garden City Community College has been training industrial ammonia refrigeration operators and technicians since 1996.  Click here for a schedule of Classes.

Industrial Refrigeration Technical College (IRTC) provides hands-on opportunities for aspiring technicians, as well as continuing education for current technicians and ammonia operators. Click here for a schedule of classes.

Courses related to ammonia refrigeration train workers to operate and maintain an ammonia refrigeration system and how to respond if a system malfunctions. Click here for a schedule of classes.

A one-week intensive short course on industrial refrigeration as practiced in food freezing, refrigeration, and in other low temperature applications. Started in 1982, this workshop is offered yearly in the Spring. Click here for more information.

Conferences, Shows, and Special Events
Upcoming Events

Innovative ideas for refrigeration technology at Chillventa.
Be there and meet the experts at this leading exhibition: Chillventa - the exhibition for the energy efficiency - heat pumps- refrigeration. For more information click here.

The RETA National Conference 

Past Events

Hawaii Ammonia Safety Day
For more information visit www.ammonia-safety.com