IIAR/ANR Welcome First Class of Certificate Holders

March 31st, 2017

IIAR and its Academy of Natural Refrigerants would like to congratulate all those who diligently prepared for and successfully completed the “IIAR 2 Certificate Course” program. The individuals listed below have mastered the course curriculum and demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the ANSI/IIAR 2-2014 “Standard for Safe Design of Closed-Circuit Ammonia Refrigeration Systems,” as evidenced by their successful completion of the challenging examination covering this material.

“The final exam was tough but fair,” said Mark Stencel, IIAR Immediate Past Chair and a member of the inaugural class of IIAR 2 certificate holders. This assessment is confirmed by results from the test sessions offered at the 2017 IIAR Natural Refrigeration Conference in San Antonio. Of the 80 individuals who sat for the exam, 61 achieved a successful score (a 76.3% pass rate) and join Mr. Stencel as IIAR 2 certificate holders.

According to IIAR Director of Education, David Sainato, the pass rate was a direct result of IIAR’s wish to design a challenging program. “We wanted to offer a curriculum that offers participants a chance to set themselves apart from colleagues in a particular focus area. Based on the exam results, IIAR is confident that our newly minted crop of certificate holders have demonstrated a high and sufficient level of competence specific to the safe design of closed-circuit ammonia refrigeration systems.”

Nonetheless, what’s most important is to recognize that everyone who enrolls in an IIAR certificate course does so in order to expand the scope of their professional expertise, thus ensuring the safe and economic operation of natural refrigeration systems. And with this in mind, IIAR and the Academy of Natural Refrigerants offer a hearty “well done” to the following individuals:

  1. Brian Anderson (Corval Group)
  2. Sheldon Baptiste (Pilgrim's Pride)
  3. Lisa Battino (United States Cold Storage)
  4. Robert Belanger (Republic Refrigeration, Inc.)
  5. Jeffery Breiling (McCain Foods USA)
  6. Michelle Burnett (R.E. Lewis Refrigeration, Inc.)
  7. Chuck Campbell (Bassett Mechanical)
  8. Brian Chapin (RC&E)
  9. Eric Crousset (LS Refrigeration)
  10. Jake Denison (Evapco)
  11. Greg Derosier (Evapco)
  12. Gene Dumas (SCS Tracer Environmental)
  13. Sarah Ferrari (Evapco)
  14. Andrew Fiala (SCS Tracer Environmental)
  15. Donald Hamilton (Evapco)
  16. Erik Hansen (Carlson and Stewart Refrigeration, Inc.)
  17. Jonathon Hare (CA Group Services)
  18. Trevor Hegg (Evapco)
  19. Rodney Helms (Republic Refrigeration, Inc.)
  20. Charles Holwerk (Vogt Ice)
  21. John Jaschinski (Bassett Mechanical)
  22. Ken Johnson (Innovative Refrigeration Systems)
  23. Marjorie Johnson (PSM RMP Solutions)
  24. Jay Kell (Republic Refrigeration, Inc.)
  25. William Lape (Dean Foods)
  26. Tony Lundell (IIAR)
  27. Linda McDaniel (JBS America)
  28. Andy McDicken (Bassett Mechanical)
  29. Ryan Murphy (Bassett Mechanical)
  30. Peter Musial (Dual Temp Clauger)
  31. Elliot Nicholas (Mollenberg-Betz, Inc.)
  32. Kent Perkins (Colmac Coil Manufacturing)
  33. James Peterson (Cold Solutions, LLC)
  34. Ron Pignoli (Refrigeration Design & Service Inc.)
  35. Joseph Pillis (Frick - Johnson Controls)
  36. Reed Portney (Evapco)
  37. Keith Rettler (Bassett Mechanical)
  38. Chad Saltzman (United States Cold Storage)
  39. Dave Schaefer (Bassett Mechanical)
  40. Benjamin Sealy (CIMCO Refrigeration)
  41. Mark Shaffer (Evapco)
  42. Nathan Shaffer (Republic Refrigeration, Inc.)
  43. Stephanie Smith (Risk Management Professionals)
  44. Mark Stencel (Bassett Mechanical)
  45. Jeff Sutton (Sutton & Associates)
  46. Keith Taylor (AWG)
  47. Walter Teeter (Republic Refrigeration, Inc.)
  48. Kevin Thomas (RD&S, Inc.)
  49. Peter Thomas (Resource Compliance, Inc.)
  50. Elliot Tippmann (Tippmann Group)
  51. Nick Van Alstyne (Bassett Mechanical)
  52. Ted Van Cleave (Colmac Coil Manufacturing)
  53. Jeff Vissers (Bassett Mechanical)
  54. Jim Wedemeyer (Bassett Mechanical)
  55. Alex West (Bassett Mechanical)
  56. Jacob Willis (Republic Refrigeration, Inc.)
  57. Charles Wood (AARDCO)
  58. Heather Young (Ammonia Safety Management)
  59. Ryan Young (Bassett Mechanical)
  60. Nick Ziganto (Dual Temp Clauger)
  61. Jim Zimmerman (Sargento Foods)