Successful Exam Takers in Colorado Springs, CO - March 18-21st as part of the 2018 IIAR Natural Refrigeration Conference & Expo

IIAR would like to congratulate the Academy of Natural Refrigerant’s new certificate holders who successfully completed a rigorous final exam at the recent IIAR Natural Refrigeration Conference in Colorado Springs. Our new certificate holders are:

IIAR 2 Certificate Holders:

Chad Birkholz (Summit Refrigeration Group)
Perry Harlan (Pilgrim’s Pride)
Chris Herzog (PermaCold Engineering)
Joshua Latovich (RC&E)
Craig McDonald (Republic Refrigeration)
Andrew Van Eycke (AMS Mechanical Systems)
Jay Voissem (Cargill)

IIAR 4/5/8 Certificate Holders

Chuck Campbell (Bassett Mechanical)
Brian Chapin (RC&E)
William DeGroot (Kensington Consulting)
Jeanna Emmons (PSM RMP Solutions)
Erik Hansen (Carlson & Stewart Refrigeration)
John Jaschinski (Bassett Mechanical)
Marjorie Johnson (PSM RMP Solutions)
Bill Lape (Dean Foods)
Joshua Latovich (RC&E)
Gary Merrill (Genentech)
Greggory Mitchell (Reddy Ice)
Eliot Nicholas (Mollenberg-Betz, Inc.)
Keith Rettler (Bassett Mechanical)
Dave Schaeffer (Bassett Mechanical)
Mark Stencel (Bassett Mechanical)
Nick Van Alstyne (Bassett Mechanical)
Jeff Vissers (Bassett Mechanical)
Jim Wedemeyer (Bassett Mechanical)
Mike Withers (Dual-Temp Companies)
Heather Young (Ammonia Safety Management)
Ryan Young (Bassett Mechanical)

There is still time to register for the IIAR 2 and the IIAR 4/5/8 Certificate Courses.  Testing will occur periodically throughout the year during open test windows.

Upcoming Courses
IIAR will continue to expand its certificate course offerings in the coming year in order to provide subject matter education for the natural refrigerant community regarding ANSI/IIAR standards, process safety, safety management, system operation, and engineering system design.

Upcoming courses include:
  • PSM/RMP – Process Safety Managementand Risk Management Program (Spring 2018)
  • CO2 Basic System Design (Fall 2018)
  • Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Safe Closed-Circuit Ammonia Refrigeration Systems (IIAR 6)
  • Recognized and Generally Accepted GoodEngineering Practices (IIAR 9)