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IIAR is the world's leading advocate for the safe, reliable and efficient use of ammonia and other natural refrigerants.  IIAR members share their collective knowledge and experience on committees and task forces to produce consensus documents that address various aspects of the natural and industrial refrigeration industry. Each IIAR committee or task force has broad industry representation including manufacturers, design engineers, contractors, end users, academics, scientists, and/or trainers.  IIAR sets the standard for providing advocacy, education and the most up-to-date technical information to the ammonia and natural refrigeration community.  IIAR members receive significant discounts on IIAR publications as well as free online access to Bulletins, Standards, Technical Papers, and the Ammonia Data Book.  To become an IIAR member click here.

Process Safety Management & Risk Management Program Guidelines, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

Building on the last 15 years of industry knowledge of both OSHA's PSM and EPA's RMP standards, IIAR's Process Safety Management and Risk Management Program Guidelines comes replete with the benefit of experience from many industry leaders who have developed both consolidated and individual PSM/ RMP programs successfully.  A useful too, this new approach to the Process Safety Management and  Risk Management Program Guidelines provides a template for end users to update or create PSM/RMP programs that will aid in Practically applying management procedures in direct response to PSM/RMP rules and regulations and in establishing and maintaining a safe ammonia refrigeration facility.  IIAR can help you build a PSM/RMP management program for success.

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  Ammonia Refrigeration Library

The Ammonia Refrigeration Library is a must-have comprehensive technical resource for any industrial refrigeration professional. The Ammonia Refrigeration Library contains all current IIAR Bulletins and ANSI/ IIAR Standards in a special three-ring binder.

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Ammonia Data Book 2nd Edition

The Ammonia Data Book is a one stop reference book for the ammonia refrigeration industry and the only publication of its kind. It is the most complete reference ever published on ammonia for the refrigeration industry and contains essential resource data for the safe and efficient operation of any ammonia refrigeration facility. U.S. regulatory requirements for ammonia and other valuable compliance information about federal regulations, such as the Community Right to Know Act, are featured in this book. Other chapters focus on General Information, Properties of Ammonia, Ammonia and the Environment, Ammonia Safety Data and U.S. Regulatory Requirements.

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Ammonia Refrigeration Management (ARM) Program

As the leading authority on ammonia refrigeration, the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration developed the Ammonia Refrigeration Management (ARM) Program to help small facilities improve safety, enhance system reliability and assist with regulatory compliance. ARM is intended to assist facilities with a charge of less than 10,000 lbs. of ammonia that are subject to inspection under the General Duty Clause. ARM is a comprehensive safety management tool. It draws from the best ideas contained in Process Safety Management and Risk Management, simplifies the application of these concepts and streamlines the documentation process.

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Ammonia Refrigeration Piping Handbook

The Ammonia Refrigeration Piping Handbook has been hailed as one of the best publications ever produced by IIAR. IIAR’s Ammonia Refrigeration Piping Handbook is the ultimate guide to modern ammonia refrigeration piping as well as a comprehensive introduction to piping design and installation as it is practiced in the field. Analyzing risk through standardization enhances an ammonia refrigeration facilities ability to create an environment of safety.

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The CO2 Handbook

From fundamentals of design to startup and operation as it applies to industrial applications, the ALL NEW CO2 Handbook is a must have technical resource for industrial refrigeration professionals worldwide.
New to the IIAR CO2 Handbook
       Complete set of NIST PH Diagrams - IP and SI Units
        Inclusion of Thermodynamic and Thermophysical properties tables - IP and SI Units
       Extensive section on volatile brine
       New information on transcritical applications
       Updated design and installation techniques

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Industrial Refrigeration Energy Efficiency Guidebook


This guidebook is intended to provide refrigeration plant operators, engineers, and managers with the information they need to improve the energy efficiency of their industrial refrigeration systems. 

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  Engineering Safety Relief Systems

This guidebook covers all aspects of designing safety relief vent systems as applied for industrial refrigeration systems.

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    Principles and Practices of Mechanical Integrity Guidebook

    This guidebook to serve as a comprehensive resource for those involved in designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining closed-circuit industrial ammonia refrigeration systems.

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