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IIAR is the world's leading advocate for the safe, reliable and efficient use of ammonia and other natural refrigerants.  IIAR members share their collective knowledge and experience on committees and task forces to produce consensus documents that address various aspects of the natural and industrial refrigeration industry. Each IIAR committee or task force has broad industry representation including manufacturers, design engineers, contractors, end users, academics, scientists, and/or trainers.  IIAR sets the standard for providing advocacy, education and the most up-to-date technical information to the ammonia and natural refrigeration community.  IIAR members receive significant discounts on IIAR publications as well as free online access to Bulletins, Standards, Technical Papers, and the Ammonia Data Book.  To become an IIAR member click here.
     Series I Basic Ammonia Refrigeration - Training Program
The IIAR Basic Ammonia Refrigeration training program is a complete package:
  • Seven Module Training Videos
  • Seven Resource Books
  • Computerized test that document employee Training

Each module takes a step by step approach to fundamental ammonia refrigeration principles, applications and components.

Member Price: $2,100.00
Non-member Price: $3,500.00

Series II - The IIAR Ammonia Refrigeration Safety Training Program

​The IIAR Ammonia Refrigeration Safety training program is a complete package:
  • Five module training videos
  • Five  Resource Books
  • Computerized test and document employee training

Each module focuses on critical safety information including the potential hazards of  ammonia, personal protective equipment, emergency response team structure and emergency response procedures. The IIAR Ammonia Refrigeration Safety training videos are excellent teaching tools for facility management

Member Price: $1,550.00
Non-member Price: $2,550.00

The First 30 Minutes  
The First 30 Minutes is a continuation of IIAR  Series II: The Refrigeration Safety Training Program. IIAR and ASTI have worked in cooperation to bring you a comprehensive training tool for anyone who deals with or responds to an ammonia emergency. Focused on ammonia safety, this module provides you with the tools you need to quickly, efficiently , and effectively respond to an ammonia even or accident.

IIAR Member Price: $350.00
Non-member Price: $650.00


   Series I Module I
 Introduction to Ammonia Refrigeration

 This module examines applications of ammonia in the refrigeration industry. It reviews the molecular structure and basic chemical properties of ammonia, including an explanation  of change of state and the heat transfer process. In addition, module explores the relationship between temperature and pressure.

  Member Price: $300.00
  Non-member Price: $500.00

   Series I Module 2
 Ammonia Refrigeration Systems

 This module examines the major components that make up ammonia refrigeration systems including direct expansion, recirculating, and indirect systems. This module also    explores the role of pressure reduction devices in the system.  

  Member Price: $300.00
  Non-member Price: $500.00

   Series I Module 3

  Module 3 focuses on evaporators. It explores the inner workings of air units and liquid chillers, including shell & tube and plate & frame evaporators. This module examines evaporator  capacity and factors that impact evaporator operation. It also explores the pressure of the ammonia as it flows through the evaporator and the temperature difference between the liquid ammonia and the air, and secondary cooling being cooled.

  Member Price: $300.00
  Non-member Price: $500.00

   Series I Module 4

 Module 4 examines the operation of compressors commonly used in the ammonia refrigeration industry: the reciprocating compressor, the rotary vane compressor and the screw compressor. This module also discusses volumetric efficiency, swept volume and compression ratio.

  Member Price: $300.00
  Non-member Price: $500.00

 Series I Module 5
 Module 5 explores air-cooled condensers, water– cooled condensers and evaporative condensers. It also outline the factors that may impact a condenser’s efficiency and heat- transfer capability including the surface area of the heat transfer material, the conductive capability of the heat transfer surface, the difference in temperature between the cooling agent and the ammonia vapor and the rate and direction of the flow of both the ammonia and cooling agent.

  Member Price: $300.00
  Non-member Price $500.00

     Series I Module 6
 Shut - Off Valves

 Module 6 focuses on the use of shut-off valves in the ammonia refrigeration system. It describes the various types of shut-off valves commonly in use. It also identifies the parts of a standard shut-off valve, provides installation guidance, including orientation and outline maintenance procedures.  

  Member Price: $300.00
  Non-member: $500.00

   Series 1 Module 7
 Control Valves

Module 7 focuses on the characteristics of control valves in the ammonia refrigeration systems. The video focuses primarily on solenoid valves and the pressure regulators. It also identifies the principle of operation of direct and pilot operated control valves that are commonly employed as well as their components.  

  Member Price: $300.00
  Non-member Price: $500.00


Series 2 Modules
 Series II Module I
 Introduction to Personal Protective Equipment
 This module focuses on the nature of ammonia and its safe use as an industrial refrigerant. It examines the characteristics of the three states of ammonia release: vapor, liquid and aerosol. Module also discusses exposure levels, hazard and personal protection equipment.

  Member Price: $300.00
  Non-member Price: $500.00

 Series II Module 2
 Use of Personal Protective Equipment
 Module 2 reviews basic Personal Protective Equipment, its uses and its limitations. It provides a detailed description of the two main types of respirators and the varying levels of Personal Protective Equipment as defined by OSHA in the United States.

  Member Price: $300.00
  Non-member Price: $500.00


 Series II Module 3
 Emergency Response
 This module focuses on the emergency action plan and emergency response plan regulations, procedures and strategies for ammonia refrigeration facilities. It discusses the various levels of training required and outlines the actions that may or may not be taken by appropriately trained individuals. 

  Member Price: $300.00
  Non-member Price: $500.00

 Series II Module 4
 Emergency Response Procedures
  This module focuses on emergency response procedures. It covers preplanning and preparation for an emergency response, entry and decontamination procedures, first aid and post emergency evaluation.

  Member Price: $300.00
  Non-member Price: $500.00 

 Introduction of Series III
 Series III Module 1

  Removing Oil from an Ammonia Refrigeration System
  This module presents detailed guidelines for removing oil from an ammonia refrigeration system. It covers important procedures such as lockout/tag out. Outlined in this  module are the appropriate levels of personal protective equipment that should be worn, as well as some of the specialized tools and valves that are recommended for use when draining oil from an ammonia refrigeration system. 

  Member Price: $300.00
  Non-member Price: $500.00