Series II Ammonia Safety
Series II Ammonia Safety
The IIAR Ammonia Refrigeration Safety training program is a complete package of online training videos and computerized testing to document employee training.
Each module focuses on critical safety information including the potential hazards of ammonia, personal protective equipment, emergency response team structure and emergency response procedures. Employee safety and efficient operation of your ammonia refrigeration system are fundamental to your company’s success.
The IIAR Ammonia Refrigeration Safety Training Videos are excellent teaching tools for facility management, operations and maintenance personnel and any other employee who is expected to manage an emergency response or perform specific duties in the event of an ammonia release.
• Module 1 – Introduction to Personal Protective Equipment
• Module 2 – Use of Personal Protective Equipment
• Module 3 – Emergency Response
• Module 4 – Ammonia Safety: Emergency Response Procedures
• Module 5 – The First 30 Minutes
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