Refrigeration Piping Handbook
Refrigeration Piping Handbook
A guide to modern refrigeration piping - this book is a comprehensive introduction to refrigeration piping as it is practiced in the field.

Originally printed in 2000, this publication has gone through several updates throughout the years. The 2019 update is considered a cover-to-cover review and edit. Chapter 1 is significantly different from the last version.
It provides an engineering basis for determining pressure drop in single-phase and two phase-flow regimes as well as determining pressure drop in wet suction vertical risers - based on current research and analysis via full-scale testing. In addition, new nomographs were generated to aid the user with determining pressure drop in various flow regimes. Parameters for determining pressure drop in stainless steel pipe are now included. The user is also referred to several computer programs that can be used to determine pressure drop and assist in selecting pipe sizes based on varying operating and economic conditions. Some mandatory language has been changed to non-mandatory and a new appendix has been added which addresses piping and equipment identification. Piping Handbook purchasers are able to access electronic documents that provide single and two-phase pipe pressure drop values for vertical suction risers as well as a cost optimization program to aid in economic pipe sizing evaluations. Downloads can be found under Store, Publication Resources, Piping Handbook.
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