ANSI/IIAR Standard CO2-2021
ANSI/IIAR Standard CO2-2021
ANSI/IIAR CO2-2021 Safety Standard for Closed-Circuit Carbon Dioxide Refrigeration Systems.

As the phase-down of F-gas refrigerants continues to accelerate worldwide, CO2 technology has become an increasingly popular option utilized in the industrial refrigeration sector.

The IIAR, in it's continuing mission to promote the safe and sustainable use of natural refrigerants, has produced a new ANSI approved standard specifying minimum requirements for the safe design, safe installation, startup, and inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) of closed-circuit carbon dioxide refrigeration systems and any modifications or additions to an existing system.

For the purpose of this standard, it is assumed that the carbon dioxide refrigeration system and the modifications or additions to an existing system have been designed for the duty that it is to perform, that all piping and electrical equipment has been installed, and that adequate connections for the startup and test instruments have been provided. IIAR standards represent industry consensus and are subject to a rigorous public review process.
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