Ammonia Truly An International Refrigerant- Yes or No?
Ammonia Truly An International Refrigerant- Yes or No? (1980)-There are many factors that influence the decisions that are made when the refrigerant, and hence, refrigeration equipment is being decided upon for a new industrial plant, and the factors influencing this decision vary throughout the world. This analysis has been limited to North America and Europe as there are some problems in obtaining reliable data from Japan because of their very heavily orientated export business and their heavily protected national business, and information from eastern Europe, Russia and China is difficult to obtain. But as a large percentage of the Japanese equipment is exported to USA, Europe, and the third world countries, it is reasonable to assume that the trends will follow the same pattern. And with the advance in petrochemical plants and a development of a consumer industry in the Eastern Bloc and communist countries could assume that similar trends may follow behind the western world trends. A review of this paper shows that Ammonia as an industrial refrigerant is declining in use internationally, and this decline must be attributed somewhat to the constraints imposed on its use along with a reduction in the ability and confidence to apply ammonia as an efficient, safe refrigerant.
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