Nothing is Forever: Research Shows How Conventionally- and R
Nothing is Forever: Research Shows How Conventionally- and Retortable Pouch-Canned Products Benefit from Refrigerated Storage (1980)-It is becoming clear that the big important development in food processing, intended to answer problems of quality retention and energy consumption, is the retortable pouch. Because of the reduced requirement for heat sterilization, it has been alleged that food "canned" in a pouch is equal in quality to frozen food and that it does not require refrigeration, but is shelf stable. We acknowledged that there is some improvement in the quality of foods packed in a pouch initially; however, we have also demonstrated that vegetables, and probably many other commodities regardless of how they are canned and packaged are not the equivalent in quality to frozen products, with possible exception of "stew-type" foods. Furthermore we have indicated that the pouch-packed products require refrigerated storage even more than conventionally canned foods to maintain whatever quality advantage they do have over the conventionally canned equivalent.
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