Mechanical Refrigeration Standards - How Standard Are They?
Mechanical Refrigeration Standards - How Standard Are They? (1980)-A comparison is offered, a critique of the conflicting requirements that exist today between typical mechanical, safety and performance codes. Recent interference by government agencies and the courts into the writing and interpretation of standards should alert engineers to the need of demonstrating to the public the value of our current voluntary standards. A wider participation by various interests representing both the public and industry in writing and reviewing standards is urgently recommended. Included are reference lists of pertinent standards and standard writing organizations followed by a description of how voluntary standards are generated, their benefits, their impact on government legislation, and a discussion of some difficulties that will result if we let government assume the standards writing role. Tables of comparison of the typical standards applied to ammonia water cooled refrigeration plants are shown for equipment specification, design specifications, and for installation and operation requirements. The discussion points out the need for resolving differences in definition of terms, in the treatment of machinery room and system requirements for strength and leak testing, ventilation, and emergency fire relief protection. The contents should prove useful to those people who design, install, or operate refrigeration plants.
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