Use of C02 in Controlling Ammonia Leaks
Use of C02 in Controlling Ammonia Leaks (1981)-Frigo Quebec, a cold storage warehouse divided into eight major areas and containing five different lessees, had experienced a major ammonia leak, to the extent that it was impossible to enter the largest of these areas without an external oxygen supply. First attempts to dampen the odours and reduce contamination involved the use of dry ice. Sufficient quantity was difficult to acquire quickly and the amount of time and labour involved was prohibitive, but the exercised did result in some effect on the ammonia levels within the room. In all, 21,500 lbs. of liquid C02 and 8,200 lbs. of dry ice were used over 4 days. Odour control could not be exercised by one massive dose: continuing operations stirred up more and more ammonia, so continuous monitoring was required.
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