Efficient Thermopump Cooling of Reciprocating Ammonia Compre
Efficient Thermopump Cooling of Reciprocating Ammonia Compressors (1981)-This paper presents a new, patented cooling system for reciprocating compressors operating with R 717 (Ammonia), developed as an alternative to conventional water cooling. The thermopump will cool compressor oil and discharge gas by direct expansion. The system is described in details and the efficiency is illustrated by a series of comparative tests run with a SABROE reciprocating compressor type SMC 6-100, having 6 cylinders of 100 mm bore x 80 m stroke and a speed of 1480 rpm. The tests compare the cooling effect of the followinq systems: a - air cooled top and side covers b - water cooled top cover and oil cooler c - thermopump cooling. The thermopump cooling system has a number of advantages, viz. lower compression temperature and discharge gas temperature - no corrosion problems - no freezing risk - factory mounted - no water piping installation on site.
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