Programmable Controllers for Industrial Refrigeration Plants
Programmable Controllers for Industrial Refrigeration Plants (1981)-The availability of microcomputers for control purposes has opened new approached to monitoring and controlling mechanical and thermal equipment. The industrial refrigeration industry also feels the impact of this new technology. There are many different approaches to what is controlled and how the control is achieved in industrial refrigeration facilities and it is sometime difficult to find the common thread that facilitates understanding the hardware and the concepts. One of the approaches to assessing the new developments in computer control of industrial refrigeration systems is to investigate programmable controllers, (PC's). The reason that this approach might be fruitful is that most of the computer control systems available on the market today have grown out of the PC technology. In fact, some of the computer controllers being applied to industrial refrigeration plants today are what might be considered enhanced PC's. This presentation, then, will consist of two major sections: (1) explanation of the function and use of PC's, and (2) an introduction to microcomputer control, since virtually all PC's are microprocessor based.
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